This week in Spooks related obstreperation

In a world where women who are about to become royalty can go shopping in exclusive boutiques wearing ballet flats without upsetting the world’s incredulity meters, why the fuck do you put a woman who is supposed to be an active espionage agent in six inch fucking heels to go and strew misleading evidence around a very ordinary flat?

It’s enough to provoke a new tumblr! (I’ll get around to activating a submissions page etc shortly)

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  1. I remember Joanna Lumley in an interview talking about doing The New Avengers, and the absurdity of stalking a Russian in All This Getup (gestures).

  2. Snap! I was on the couch at the exact same time saying the exact same thing!
    Something else that annoyed me: her male buddy agent was in comfortable casual clothes as they leapt out of the same car to go and strew very clean kettles and unopened frozen dinners about this flat. Wasn’t it just in the previous episode that someone made a couple of tails (how am I doing with the jargon?) by noticing that “two people dressed so differently don’t travel together in the same car”?
    Of course the really annoying element in this is that the bloke was the one dressed comfortably in each case.

  3. TV Tropes should give you some excellent source material – Combat Stilettos 🙂

  4. At least they warned you – some people are fiendish enough that they link there without even saying what it is.

  5. Indeed they are, the dastards!
    While googling for something on stereotypes, I found an excellent post on a blog I will be adding to my feed-reader: Write Here, Write Now: Stereotypes On Screen. Good stuff.

  6. Neat link.

  7. I am pleased to note that this week Beth was wearing far more practical shoes which enabled her to easily move from office duties to unexpected surveillance/pursuit/confronting duties without risking a broken ankle.

  8. Spoilers + Rant below
    Just discovered Spooks and have watched the first eight seasons already. So upset at what they did to Ros (and as an experiment I did with my friend proved, it made no sense! I can easily drag someone heavier than I am down a carpeted hallway at speed using mostly my legs. And I wasn’t in a life or death adrenalin inducing situation.) And is just me or did they add in random strip clubs in later seasons to make up for the diminishing story quality? Now that all my favorite characters (Jo, Ros and Zaf) are gone I just don’t have any desire to keep watching, especially as Lucas seems to exist solely to be dark and tortured. /end rant
    Phew. Needed to let that out. Love Spooks though, will definitely rewatch the earlier seasons.

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