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Items of interest come across recently in my feed-reader. What did I miss? Leave your own interesting links in comments.
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  • Marriage and the Intersection of Gender and Race
  • – “The gendered rates of outmarriage likely reflect the way in which we gender race and racialize gender. ”

  • New Congo Rape Statistics Inspire Competitive Headlines, Not Much Else
  • – “These same newspapers that report these numbers with horror and very little background or analysis will tomorrow resort to shaming and casting doubt on rape victims from their own communities. Tomorrow, when it is no longer convenient to feign interest in rape, it will be back to business as usual. ”

  • Meanwhile, in the American Uterus Wars
  • – The only places able, by law, to provide crisis pregnance counselling in South Dakota are refusing to provide this service to women seeking abortion, therefore those women cannot legally obtain the abortion they seek.

  • Naomi Wolf: Liberty, Interrupted
  • – “The last third of Give Me Liberty is truly meant to be a handbook for American revolutionaries, with Wolf reminding American citizens of the many political tools at our disposal, such as leading a protest, running for office, speaking out or starting a non-profit. But last December Wolf openly disputed two women’s attempts to wield those tools. The question we’re left with, then, is can we, the people, accept that?”

  • it’s been a method of survival, right from the start
  • – “Things like delays, stimming, lack of eye contact, avoidance of people, they’re all traditionally seen by researchers through their own presuppositions; that is to say, researchers make assumptions about what autistic behaviour means based on what it would mean IF A NT PERSON behaved that way, rather than consulting autistics and getting a general consensus. See the problem?”

  • In defense of prudes – Sex News, Sex Talk – Salon.com
  • – I’m too sexual — except for when I’m not sexual enough. Those are the classic oppositional forces that women face. A couple of years ago, I wrote an essay titled, “In defense of casual sex” and now I’m publishing a piece titled “In defense of prudes”; these arguments aren’t in conflict. What I’m calling for is authentic sexual expression and exploration, whatever its form.

  • The Social Construction of the Mothering Instinct
  • – “Interesting how this narrative leaves invisible all of the female animals that kill and eat other animals, including other animals’ babies.”

  • “While you are out slutwalking, I will be at the library…
  • – Thanks for telling us, Totally-Not-Getting-It-Dude!

  • Chaz Bono on biology (by Suzie)
  • – “If a conservative said, even with humor, that he could barely tolerate women and all their chattiness; if he said men and women have different brains, and suggested that testosterone makes a person like gadgets, wouldn’t a “lifelong liberal” like writer Cintra Wilson challenge him? So, why doesn’t she question Bono on his retro view of gender? Perhaps she doesn’t because she’s too busy confronting “a whole swag-bag full of transphobias that I didn’t know I’d had.””

  • Amazon Pulls Yaoi From the Kindle
  • – “Censoring explicit queer subject matter while refusing to censor explicit straight material is homophobia, pure and simple.”

  • I guess fish don’t count
  • – “Damned straight. I certainly hope more people care about living creatures than they do about what weird religious sect their friends have adopted.”

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    • Good for her. Obviously there’s some big-P politics on which I differ from her, but her personal-is-political politics over the last few years I have a lot of respect for.

  1. The South Dakota link doesn’t look like it leads to the post it’s supposed to (although I think that post was eaten by Blogger’s crash). On the other hand, the post that it does lead to is worth looking at too.
    There’s a commenter on the Naomi Wolf piece who proclaims that since feminism needs free speech, and Assange is being silenced* for political reasons, then feminists should support him – without apparently realising that this is a demand to silence these two women for political reasons.

  2. Ah, but dontcha know the people ‘silencing’ Assange are people we don’t like, and the ones silencing the women are people we do like. It’s a whole different business.

  3. Sydney Peace Foundation giving Assange a prize and saying that their prize winners don’t all have to be well behaved or something like that really made me angry. Yes the wellbeing of two women is just collateral damage in a “global fight for truth” [my words] or some such crap.

  4. Wash, rinse, repeat.

  5. @ Orlando – But it’s all the woman’s fault for not remaining feminine. Whatever that means. Apparently nothing to do with men at all if you bother reading the comments (I’ll never get those minutes of my life back, suggest you skip them).

  6. Hey, just in case anyone feels tempted to click the Echnidne link, the comments are swamp full of transphobia.

    mAndrea is apparently welcome there, which tells me about all I need to know about that blog.

  7. And it’s not that as a public figure Chaz Bono making some sexist comments is off limits to criticism – far from it – but I think that a conversation about a rich white trans man’s sexism has far more interesting and relevant directions to take than “why do trans people exist/they’re so weird/gross/antifeminist/essentialist.” And the fact that half of it centres on why trans *women* are all of those things is again amazingly telling.

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