Quick Hit – Two cadets removed from ADFA

Update on ADFA Skype incident.

“Following this court appearance, both cadets were removed from the academy pending the outcome of administrative and court action,” the spokesperson said.

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  1. When I read that headline, I was absolutely sure that the woman who was filmed was going to be one of them. Glad I was wrong (but still a little depressed that it seemed likely to me).

  2. She probably will be SunlessNick. She’s facing a lot of disciplinary charges (that have nothing to do with the Skype incident) so don’t be surprised if she is.

  3. It will be interesting to see how this whole thing plays out. If Kate were to go – for unrelated disciplinary reasons – but the two boys named in the Skype incident stay that will look bad for ADFA even if it is justified on legal grounds. I wouldn’t wish to be their PR person right now.

  4. I don’t really think it’s a matter of ‘if’ for any of the three. More a question of when.
    At least that’s the way it looks from where I am sitting. (I could be reading the whole situation wrong. ) It’s hard having any connection to ADFA right now. But yes, PR has their work cut out for them.

  5. Pirra , is McDonald back at adfa now following change in bail conditions?

  6. I’m not sure Jude. I haven’t heard that he is, but if his bail conditions were changed then it is very likely that he is.

  7. McDonald is not back at ADFA because his request to have his bail conditions changed was rejected.

  8. That’s interesting, I had heard that both cadets had their bail conditions altered so that they could go back. I’m guessing that ADFA is awaiting the outcome of the court case before taking any of their own action. At least I hope that is what is happening.

  9. Nope. McDonalds request to have the bail conditions changed was denied and De Blaquiere won’t be back at all because he was already in process of discharging before the Skype incident happened.

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