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Items of interest come across recently in my feed-reader. What did I miss? Leave your own interesting links in comments.
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  • Tall Poppy syndrome is alive and well in the blogosphere
  • – “Take a look at who you are trying change, and why.
    The range of opinions on the internet is what makes it so cool, and I would hate to pasteurise our feminist movement through fear of criticism.”

  • Accused rapists find a friend in Bernard-Henri Levy
  • – “Kahn, of course, deserves his day in court. But if even putting him in the court room is an indignity he should not have to face, I’m not sure how justice can be done. And I’m not sure how tarring the women who have accused him of assault furthers a just outcome. “

  • More Thoughts on SlutWalk
  • – “There’s an unexamined assumption that SlutWalk is bad feminism if it doesn’t appeal to everyone. The same could be said about almost any kind of protest tactic. Civil disobedience is a lot easier to contemplate as a more privileged person.”

  • How to Debunk Pseudo-Science Articles about Race in Five Easy Steps
  • – “The problem is that even with a thorough debunking, people latch on to articles like this to confirm their own biases. So, if you are suddenly confronted with racist foolishness masquerading as science, here is how to respond. “

  • Cripples, Bastards and Broken Things: Disability in Game of Thrones
  • – “This moment is when the quote that forms this blog’s title is said, and it’s got to be the most damn empowering thing I’ve ever heard spoken about disability in a mainstream television show. Why?”

  • The DSK Affair – An Angry Rant |
  • – “Why is it easier for us to believe in elaborate conspiracies than in the likelihood of a women being sexually assaulted by a man, a rich man, an powerful man, by any man?”

  • Don’t confuse Wikileaks with journalism | The Media Online
  • – “The fact that poor Private Manning has been so effectively identified suggests the management of his future got rather lost in Wikileaks’ excitement about what he gave them.”

  • Click to download a PDF version of our SlutWalk Melbourne…
  • – “poster/flyer and stick it anywhere that’s not illegal to do so!”

  • The best of the rest of the internet
  • – “What I read – and loved – this week. Chopped up, roasted and served to you on a platter.”

  • Kids, Surveillance, and the Damned Internet
  • – “Instead of spying on our kids, he suggests, we should be teaching them to manipulate and avert involuntary disclosure, such that they grow up learning to question instead of accept the use and abuse of their personal information.”

  • Hey, Victim-Blaming SlutWalk Doubters:
  • – “Since you seem to insist upon assuming that SlutWalk is solely about women (which it categorically isn’t), here, let me break something down to you regarding your highly unoriginal comments about women and their bodies and personal safety:”

  • Privilege and Fantasy
  • – “If you passionately want the world to be different, then you’re probably less than happy with the way of things as it is.”

  • New study finds ‘huge gender imbalance’ in kidlit
  • – “I’m happy to see that the gender disparity in the imaginary world is getting more and more attention, because its so obvious, yet so accepted, it’s paradoxically invisible.”

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  1. Every site that gets comments from unfeminist people that discusses the slutwalk seems to have (mostly men) splaining to us that men don’t understand the point or will miss the point of slutwalk because of what it is named. I want to take these confused men and scream at them that that is exactly the point: if they interpret things as they want to without even remotely listening to what we are trying to say, then they are part of the problem! They are the rapists that say “oh well she didn’t say NO, so that means it’s ok” “she was wearing a short skirt, that means she wants sex with every man in the room no matter what her words” etc etc.

  2. Katherine….how about the mansplainers who keep trying to tell us we would be taken more seriously and might make better headway if we chose “Intelligent discourse” rather than a “slutwalk” because the word slut takes away from the meaning.
    Yeah, cause we haven’t tried intelligent discourse yet? We’ve been trying to engage men in this discussion since human beings crawled out of the primordial slime and developed language. An alarming number of men, apparently, failed to develope ears and comprehension skills.

  3. I’m just loving ‘how do you expect anyone to listen to you when you are dressed like that?’

  4. Has there ever been a topic that roused the full-throated baying of the mansplainers like this one? If I needed anything to convince me that this was a smart way to force a necessary conversation, that would do it.

  5. Orlando, exactly!
    Toronto police: hey! you college girls, I know it’s un-pc to say this, but: don’t want to get raped? don’t dress like sluts!
    Feminists of Toronto: WTF? What century is this again? *shares with the world*
    Feminists of the World: Grrr!
    Non-feminists of the world: *crickets chirping*
    Feminists of Toronto: Well, you know what they say about when your choices are to either laugh or to cry. *organizes first SlutWalk*
    (Not all, but Many) Feminists of the World: hahahahaha! We wants it precious!
    Non-feminists of the World: now listen to me explain why you are wrong
    women=property left unattended
    how dare u b so unserious?
    you do realize no one is listening to you, right?
    Feminists of the World: oh, yes, clearly no one is listening *rolls eyes*

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