Otterday! And Open Thread.

This dear little otter was snapped four days ago by VIDYO in Sparrowpit, England.

a grey-furred otter is seen in closeup amongst greenery. It has round little ears, and is exceptionally cute and curious-looking!

And today’s otterday comes with a BONUS meerkat stack! Captioned “Three meerkats at Melbourne Zoo huddle together to keep warm on a cold autumn day”, this photo comes via All Creatures [Great and Small].

Three stripy meerkats are huddled together on a bit of wood, so that their little furry heads are all in a stack.

Please feel free to use this thread to natter about anything your heart desires. Is there anything great happening in your life? Anything you want to get off your chest? Reading a good book (or a bad one)? Anything in the news that you’d like to discuss? What have you created lately? Commiserations, felicitations, temptations, contemplations, speculations?

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  1. Oh bonus meekrat stack! My day has officially been made 🙂

  2. That otter looks like it’s auditioning for Disney, and the meerkats are beyond words adorable. How delightful.

  3. Meerkats! 😀
    We’re one child down this weekend, he’s gone off to the school Band Camp. I should probably take the opportunity to do a ruthless cleanout of his room. But first, breakfast and hauling out all my jewellery making supplies and getting creative! Yeah, I’m not going to get around to room cleaning am I?

  4. Bit nervous about putting myself out there on the internet, but I uploaded my first animation yesterday. I’m not planning to be an animator anytime soon (*animators everywhere breathe a sigh of relief*), this is just for my 3d modelling portfolio.
    One exam to go and them I’m freeeeeeeeeeee… to start getting ahead on next semester’s assignments.

  5. Hey TAK! I really like your animation! Particularly the ‘pee-ing’. 🙂
    Best of luck for the exam.
    I have three still to go: in the middle of two that have to be submitted on Monday, then a final research essay then a break from 21 June through to end of July. Can’t wait. Really sick this weekend with a cold and one of my spectacular headaches. Hate having deadlines when I feel like this. Grumble grumble. Still not long til freedom for two out of three subjects.

  6. I’m still coming down from the adrenaline of the Feminist Future’s conference!
    I blogged about it here and here if anyone’s interested.

  7. Akk, terrible misplaced apostrophe!

  8. Amazing Kim, your animation is great. Thanks for sharing 🙂
    At the moment I’m struggling with how to create space between the unpaid emotional work of women expected by society at large and actual chosen supportive friendships and feminist supportive-hood.
    Especially as I’m quite isolated at the moment (in a chosen, privileged, get to travel a lot way, not a struggle-town way) and am finding myself frequently turning to internet feminist land for chatter/interest/support.
    Regardless, I’m gonna heap it out here.
    Spent the last few weeks working on all sorts of feministy stuff in my relationships and personal life, which is leading to some growth, and tricky bits:
    – posted a facebook warning of auto friend-deletion for anyone who posts sexist/racist/homophobic/abelist shit. Somewhat concerned about the reaction. What do others do about making a safe space on the net?
    – grew out leg-hair and cut off head-hair of a while ago in a fit of femininity-eschewing. Now flitting between feelings of awesome, no feelings, and concerns about my not-being-very-pretty anymore, then guilt about caring, then back to awesomness. Sigh
    – all this attempted equality is making me see how much i compromise before i even give partner a chance to act crappy. Its really making me come face to face all over again with my general sense of not good enough and the root causes of my anxiety. Unfun.

  9. Just rented Toy Story 3. In full apprehension and pre-existing knowledge of Bechdel fail, Ken-brand homophobia and gender-shaming and I still managed to be jaw-drop STUNNED and horrified.
    The culprit was actually the short film (a DVD “extra”, as Pixar is wont to do; thank goodness the Tiny Tyrant was asleep on my lap by then!) called Day & Night featuring two neutral-masculine characters and a bunch of animated, objectified women in swimsuits. Which the two characters fought over the viewing of, wolf-whistled at and basically made very clear were there for their viewing pleasure. Which would have been screened at the start of a fucking kids’ movie in the cinemas.
    The fact that the two new kids in Toy Story were both gendered female (without uber-pink or vomit-levels of princess) suggests that Pixar may be aware of the Gender Fail the internet has noted in their work. Ninja-fighting Mrs.PotatoHead was kind of yay, Barbie getting Ken to spill the beans likewise. But the insertion of such blatant and horrific crap in the short made the sound of 747s echo in my ears as A Clue flew over Pixar’s heads (How did none of the (admittedly way outnumbered) women involved in this project fail to point out the issue with Day & Night?).

  10. Making savoury pumpkin soup on my otterday. Due to the lactose headache from cream, I toss in a can of diced tomatoes and a tablespoon of curry powder instead. Full recipe available upon request.

  11. Aphie, I remember being disgusted by the interview a couple of TS3 writers gave, in which they laughed over how effeminized and humiliated Ken must be by being treated… exactly the way they treat all their female characters, and warned by the IBTP thread on the topic which covered all the fails, I went in with very low expectations. So it took me by surprise how completely made of awesome Bonnie, the girl Andy passed his toys on to, was. The bits with her playing with them (“we do a lot of improv”) were my favourite moments in the film (/clutchingatstraws).

  12. Good luck with the exam, TAK! The animation was very sweet 🙂 And good luck with the last stretch, FP…
    Hex, thanks for blogging – I have to catch up on the second one, so I’ll do that later today, hopefully!
    Keira, changes like that are always complicated, I think. In the end, I suspect that part of the hard thing about drawing lines in the sand – whether about what you’ll tolerate people posting on facebook, or about what you want/will compromise about – is that some of the fall-out is going to be, well, fall-outy – not necessarily very fun. I haven’t ever been very good at managing all this stuff, really. It tends to make me very sad, and eventually make me feel bad about me; I’m getting better at intervening in that strange logic, but it does hang about. Sympathies. Hang in there though. Things’ll settle.
    As far as the body hair thing goes… well, it’s kinda funny. Having just moved countries and settings, in a big way (from Sydney, so, major-inner-suburbs-urban-city-life to a small city, so less cosmopolitan, I guess?) I’ve found it has affected my self-image dramatically – I’m read really differently here. Wearing a purple jumper gets me scanned head to toe (I think it’s the jumper? Who can say, really, but when I looked around I realised everyone was in black, beige and navy). Anyway, in Sydney I’d grown out all my hairy bits too – to be honest, I way prefer underarm hair grown out, coz it goes all fine and fluffy 🙂 – and it only made me feel happier. Here, though, I wound up buying a razor, though I’m not giving up my fluffy pits. 😉 I mean, I don’t really feel like shaving is anti-feminist or anything – I loves me mah femininity, on the days I feel like it! – but it’s interesting to me how much the context shapes my own relationship with it. Then again, I’m going to dye my hair bright red today – and that’s extremely unusual here. Negotiation with context still in progress 😉
    Aphie, I remember being horrified by Day & Night too. I suspect it’s partly Pixar’s realisation that TS3 is going to be as much about nostalgia for adults as it is fun for kids. Still. What happened to the cute little birds on the wire??

  13. Yes, looking forward to the reading of something other than planning law and legal ethics very shortly Hexy so I’ll check out your posts when I ‘surface’. HAT/Gmail and Facebook are my ‘staying sane’ breaks at the moment. I just hit a point where I cannot keep working. This flu/migraine is knocking me around a fair bit, but I feel a slight ‘break in the weather’ at the moment so I might try to sleep while I’m not in agony.
    Keira, I can totally relate to all of that stuff. I did a number on Facebook one day, deleted almost everyone and cancelled my account b/c of the sheer volume of nasty I was seeing. When I went back I just hid the streams of the people who were unpredictable with their statements. I’d prefer to only see half a dozen that I know won’t make me fume than to see sixty four thousand Farmville updates and a bigoted statement.
    I shaved my head years ago and found I spent the time I saved on fixing my hair (and I do mean just fixing it not doing it purty, I have wispy curly sticks-out-every-which-way hair/feathers) on putting on makeup because I felt ‘masculine’, so that was oddly empowering and not all at once. I also decided I’d be like Juliette Lewis and grow the pit hair. Which was AWESOME in the comfort of my home but I found I was all shy to lift my arms in public and worried I would get stinky (?? I don’t know, but the logic went ‘Those OTHER ppl with stinky pits don’t know they have them so I might not EITHER’ since I’d noticed I’d sweat a little more). I think the negotiations of what I do and don’t do re femininity and when and how will be a lifelong back and forth for me.
    And yes: I really hear you on the last point. I found re-entering a relationship and having to think about my politics in a personal relationship just intensely exhausting and confusing…it settled after a while – I guess I just got exhausted from the self-analysis and decided to just leave it be a little and see how I felt. I still struggle with it quite intensely on some days.
    I haven’t seen TS3 and I guess I’m okay with that after what I’ve heard here! 🙂
    And YAY for a winter recipe thread. I have started making a vegetable tagine that is seriously DELICIOUS!
    Ta for the well wishes WP…getting there. Slowly but surely. Or slowly at least.

  14. Thanks for the replies, its nice to know im not alone.
    Its funny how social context affects how we see ourselves.the shaved head lead to’ less attentiion in my native melbourne, but caused concern among family members in regional areas, and here (im in micronesia) it doesn’t matter because my differentness draws attention anyway, and people here just think its what women in oz look like.
    Leg hair doesn’t get noticed either. I shake my pitts though because im so sweaty all the time! Partner has started shaving his too- it helps with the smell 🙂

  15. I do hate the lumpy bumpy bits from shaving my arm pits. Yes – my mum lost her shit over my shaved head. She reacted far worse to that than later when I (fearing her reaction after the shaved head fiasco) told her I had a girlfriend. Apparently it’s okay to *be* queer, just not to *look* it. Mum-logic.

  16. This flu/migraine is knocking me around a fair bit, but I feel a slight ‘break in the weather’ at the moment so I might try to sleep while I’m not in agony.
    * Sends mental chicken soup *

  17. Hexy, thanks for the conference blogging.

    Kim, your animation made me smile (which is no mean feat at the moment).

  18. Hey SN-hope some more things make you smile today…

  19. *Takes short victory lap* – submitted one of the two horrid take homes due today. Soon to face the horrid essay from hell and the remaining two ‘short answer question’…answers and I can take tonight and tomorrow night off before startling myself over the proximity of the deadline for my final research essay.

  20. *applauds fp*
    *hugs for nick, if wanted*
    In other news, I’m researching Scott of the Antarctic for our new game. My word he was a nong. A complete ning nang nong.
    Some choice quotes (paraphrased)
    “Why should I learn to ski? It’s not like I’m going anywhere snowy.”
    “Ponies are a great idea in the Antarctic!”
    “Dogs work too hard and run too fast. Let’s pull our own sleds.”
    “And to lighten the sleds, we can get rid of all this useless food!”
    I just want to go back in time and give him a sceptical look.

  21. TAK hehe, I like your summary of Scott of the Antarctic and his interesting ‘logic’. Delirious w tiredness, bored by my own arguments in this essay-that-never-ends, not looking forward to the next two questions and just generally getting a little stroppy and self pitying…right. Off to make a milo and get on with it I guess.

  22. @FP Star jumps (not while holding milo of course), a few minutes thinking about paint swatches, names for the puppies?

  23. “Dogs work too hard and run too fast. Let’s pull our own sleds.”
    “And to lighten the sleds, we can get rid of all this useless food!”

    Sometimes, being British about it just won’t do. Anything to do with Antarctica is one of them. What game, though?
    Thanks for the hugs FP and Kim, and I’m sorry to derail two Otterday threads in a row.
    And FP, kudos on the first submission.

  24. @Sunless Nick – I don’t think it’s possible to derail an Otterday thread. Needing a hug is always okay.

  25. Yes house-meditation has kept me going. I can’t believe it was only Thursday night we exchanged, feels like forever ago: two exams and a virus w’ added migraine ago. Handed in at 5, ate soup (TBO cooks for me pretty much full time at the moment) then went bananas and attacked the pantry and kitchen to ‘cull’ before the move. Now need to do the ‘ordinary tidying’ which feels far less inspiring.
    @SunlessNick – wot Mindy said!

  26. Well, wot Mindy said with added hugs.

  27. I’ve always relied on the idea that there was no ‘off topic’ for Otterday threads, Sunless Nick! Don’t take my illusions away from me 😉 Many hugs, too…
    Does this mean only one more assessment to go, fp? Good luck…..!!!

  28. Yep two down. Last task is to choose a topic for Indigenous People and the Law and crank out a research essay by the 20th then I am FREEEEEEEeeeeeeeeee! Just got to hurl a whole lot of paper into the recycling bins!

  29. Go you!
    In sicker news, Melissa at Shakesville has a post about an anti-choice film that looks like severe nightmare fuel (trigger warning for kidnapping and imprisonment). I guess the anti-choice lobby doesn’t feel the need to pretend how much it hates women any more.

  30. I’ve spent the last few days helping one of our Hoydenizens, Mimbles, move her blog and crafty shop to a new domain – check it out!

  31. a new domain
    So pretty! Such nice neat boxes!
    What game, though?
    We’re making a comedy game about Scott of the Antarctic called Scott No Friends. Should be fun, for a given value of fun.
    Don’t worry about derailing – takes a lot of courage to speak about this stuff. I only just made an appointment with the uni counsellor after a year telling myself my problems weren’t important enough. Hope things are getting better for you this week.

  32. We’re making a comedy game about Scott of the Antarctic called Scott No Friends.
    Like an RPG? I like those.
    Hope things are getting better for you this week.
    I have more equilibrium at the moment.

  33. I am ruthlessly not Getting Stuff Done At Home in favour of Getting Out Into The Fresh Air while it’s sunny. It’s a balancing game between competing equilibriums – my mental health and the piles of clutter.
    It might be time for me to see a counsellor again too.

  34. Yes I wandered in the door this morning almost in time for morning tea because the washing got hung out in the sunshine, the dishwasher unpacked, cat litter changed, washing up done and so on before I came to work so that I could relax this afternoon without guilt. A quick run home at lunchtime to hang out the next load of washing and my Friday night should be nice and quiet.

  35. Ok, I feel this is a safe place where I can admit this:
    Sacha Baron Cohen in dictatorial get up kinda scares me. In the same shock-of-visceral-fright way that pictures of large, hairy spiders scare me.
    It’s the beard and the glasses in combo, I think, and my thoroughly personal reaction to it. I predict that the film itself will be a bucket of problematic fail, BTW.
    /unsolicited admission

  36. I predict that the film itself will be a bucket of problematic fail, BTW.

    By the sounds of that summary, the bits that are good will be all the nods to classic Chaplinesque/Peter Sellersish moments, and the rest will be his usual skating over the boundaries for no good reason other than that he can.
    At least it sounds like this time he won’t be inflicting grotesque caricatures on unsuspecting people as he has in the past, they will all be his fellow cast members and a fully anticipating audience.

  37. P.S. what I find most frustrating about him is that he is actually immensely talented, and this is what he chooses to do with it. What a waste.

  38. tigtog @ 34…yes. Similar thoughts re counselor etc myself.
    I think I tend to downplay my own anxiety/depression issues. It perplexes me as I’ve always been open about the sorts of thoughts I have, that I have seen several counselors etc, and I know plenty of people who’ve struggled with depression and anxiety and been on medication and don’t feel odd about *them*. And yet when it comes to me I tend to really just say it’s just ‘how I feel at the moment’ and not a *thing* that requires treatment. I’m trying to come to terms with the very topsy turvy ways in which I approach the question of medication for myself: that I rule it out as not ‘needed’, that I worry it will do something to my brain to cause my brain to be more dependent on that ‘help’ (instead of maybe give my brain a bit of a break and allow me to really work on the issues around it with some more support) when I don’t ever think that way when someone else tells me about going on medication for anxiety or depression.
    Anyway, these thoughts are just churning around in my head and I have to go back to the Drs on Sunday to talk about meds/no meds and a mental health care plan. Need to be thinking about it and weighing it up for myself in the meantime.

  39. It might be time for me to see a counsellor again too.

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