Happy June Solstice!

It must be time for another Stonehenge pic, via Clonehenge (A blog about Stonehenge Replicas. We kid you not.): Jellyhenge!

I’m a bit sad that the full-size Stonehenge replica in Esperance, WA – which was supposed to be finished by April/May – does not appear to be yet complete.

For more serious photographs of the UK historic monuments, you could try the Flickr Stonehenge group.

(This post was scheduled to go up at the correct time for June Solstice 2011 (I refuse to continue calling it Summer Solstice when it’s Winter here – that’s just blatant borealocentrism). I promise you I am not awake right now -17:16 UTC is 03:16 AEST.)

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  1. That is an excellent Stonehenge! And because jelly is unstable, it even looks like it is going to start collapsing at any moment.

  2. …aaaaannnnnnnd now I’m awake!
    It’s terrific, isn’t it? I love that there’s a whole blog devoted to stuff like that.

  3. Thank goodness the days will slowly get longer. I got carried away at work last night and didn’t realise that it was 5.30pm. Walking to the car (only a short distance) in the pitch black (overcast and rainy all day) is not something that I want to do very often. Mostly because the driveway is quite potholed and yesterday the potholes would have all been full of water.

  4. It is Summer Solstice here in Flagstaff, AZ. 8:15 pm and there is still light. Though to me it feels like Christmas….I wanna wrap something. Days are warm, nights are cool. Which means now the days will be shorter and ‘winter is coming’
    (got to peek at Stonehenge thru the fence at Winter Solstice in ’99…it was raining and they had extra security, we went the next day pretending we were not hippies)

  5. I’m told that there is a Stonehenge-like sundial in a park in Sydney. Is this true and if so, can you get me a picture?
    Many thanks for the link! Happy winter solstice!

  6. Goodness, I’ve never heard of one, Nancy. If I can find it though, I’m definitely up for a photo-taking expedition.

  7. Dang, I forgot to look out for the Collingwood Children’s Farm solstice bonfire; it was Saturday 19th. But I had to go to a wake that night, anyway 😦 It’s a fantastic event if you’re in Melbourne at the winter solstice. There’s nothing quite like a bonfire the size of a smallish office building!

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