Otterday! And Open Thread.

Today’s otter was snapped in Nebraska by flickr user Shanna Mae.

very sleek-looking chocolate brown otter propping itself up on a sandy-coloured rock

Please feel free to use this thread to natter about anything your heart desires. Is there anything great happening in your life? Anything you want to get off your chest? Reading a good book (or a bad one)? Anything in the news that you’d like to discuss? What have you created lately? Commiserations, felicitations, temptations, contemplations, speculations?

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  1. It’s awfully quiet here. Is everybody out having fun?

    • orlando, I’m currently taking a cup of tea break on a code-a-thon. We are making progress.
      Mary, I haven’t received an invite to google+ yet *pouts* But hooray for return to coparenting!

  2. Everyone’s playing on Google+? (Actually I am yet to see other Hoydens there. Anyone there?)
    One-and-a-half weeks of solo toddler parenting ends tomorrow! Hooray. My last solo act will be an aquarium visit, which will be interesting. As a scuba diver I rarely visit aquariums. I wish my son was an early talker rather than a late one purely so we could get into fish identification with him. At present he only uses 5 or 10 words and they’re all very difficult to understand, so I doubt we’ll get, say, “guitar fish” out of him.

  3. p.s. that is one sleek little otter

  4. I’ve had my hands full with domesticity this morning and have finally got to lunch.
    There’s this post on language log about beauty queens “believing” or not in evolution; the first comment raises the excellent point that we (culturally) like to mock beauty queens for their ignorance, when there are plenty of male politicians and media stars who are just as ignorant, and yet they don’t get mocked the same way. It was a bit of sexism I hadn’t noticed in myself and will be watching out for now.

  5. I just gave my cat a bath. Exactly as much fun as it sounds.

  6. Today I am packing for Queer Collaborations, which is the national queer student conference, and is in Perth this year. On Monday I’m helping run a presentation on consent for the entire 150ish person conference, which is kind of intimidating.

  7. Today an acquaintance decided to announce that it is “selfish and deeply wrong” to have children “if you have a mental illness”.
    *sarcasm* Yay, eugenics arguments are awesome */sarcasm*
    Hope you’re not too scratched up, TAK.
    And hooray for aquarium, Mary!

  8. Best of luck, Li! I went to the last two QCs, but didn’t manage to raise the funds this year. Hope it’s 24 types of fun, and you meet lots of interesting people.

  9. Last call for submissions to Arwyn’s AP Our Way zine, on attachment parenting by parents with a disability.

  10. Oooh! Now I’m going to spend ages wondering if we’ve met. I, by the way, was the one with the highlighter yellow hair last year.

  11. Have an awesome time, Li. I have friends who are very involved in QC, but I never managed to get myself to one.
    I’m currently wondering why I signed myself up for six months in Alice Springs. My workmates are supporting me by telling me about everything in that area that can kill me by looking at me. Despite the freak-out, super excited.

  12. I’ve been at Winterfest Medieval Fair all day, and will be again tomorrow. People let me teach them tablet weaving and I gave a wedge-tailed eagle a neck rub. It’s been a pretty good day. 🙂 Tomorrow I plan on begging the birds of prey people for a chance to hold their owl.

  13. @Li – I do remember a particular retina-burning coif of that colour. Don’t think I ever said hello, though. So, hello! I was the lady with the highlighter-orange hair.
    Ah, now I wish I was going!

  14. Finding the absolute trashing of the DSK complainant’s reputation quite distressing, because it looks like she’ll never even get her day in court now.

  15. Ah, so glad to hear QC is still going strong. What fun. 🙂

  16. …And now I feel and sound really quite old 😉 Here in Holland, I just discovered that the closest thing to Pride/Mardi Gras is ‘Roze Zaterdag’ – Pink Saturday – and it was today. So, given the happy conjunction of Roze Zaterdag and Femme Appreciation Day, I pondered all the femmes I appreciate (*quite* a few), grinned a bit over the rainbow flag, and made promises to myself about finding the local queer community by next year’s Roze Zaterdag. Even if it means attending supporto-type places (which I tend to find a bit meh as far as fulfilling community goes).

  17. @Liz Alice Springs can be a lonely place if you let it. Go and meet people – but don’t be put off if the long term locals are friendly but distant. They see a lot of people come and go and it is hard to say goodbye. That said there are lots of lovely people who will make you feel welcome.
    Alice has some great stuff going on. Six months isn’t that long at all. Plus winter only lasts about weeks so WARM is the win. Also if you didn’t know, Uluru is actually 5 hrs drive from Alice, not practically next door as I expected when I got there!

  18. Jayzus, tigtog, that horrible, horrible performance from the rape-colluding media is making me feel so sick I can’t concentrate on my work. I just waded through the thread at Feministe, and I really shouldn’t have.

  19. Gordon Bennett! Abbott is making hay over the idea that Bob Brown is arguably the defacto deputy PM, when the LibNat coalition has had the Nats leader as Deputy PM since forever.

    I know that that the current Labor/Green/Independent coalition government is not so nearly a formal relationship as the LibNat coalition that has led so many Australian governments in recent history, but since when is it a horrific concept that a junior Coalition party provides the deputy PM as part of the agreement?

  20. I know this seems hard to believe, but I am reading Middlemarch for the very first time. I had no idea how laugh-out-loud funny it would be. Anyway, I just read this bit:
    “She was able enough to estimate him – she who waited on his glances with trembling, and shut her best soul in prison, paying it only hidden visits, that she might be petty enough to please him. In such a crisis as this, some women begin to hate.”
    How shimmeringly insightful is that?

  21. Comments on youtube are sometimes terrifying. There I am up, looking up creepy commercials and minding my own business, when suddenly…
    A few gems from the quotes:
    “I? can’t believe this pro murder (in the video), she’s saying that a woman could be in danger for her pregnancy… You tell me since when the love of a mother and the birth of a part of your flesh and blood is danger????!!!!”
    I hate people.

  22. Mary and Tigtog: Tim Sterne on Twitter – “OH SHIT!! “Google+ will now share your private browsing history with all of your friends.”” Is this right, or is he joking? I’m not going near it with the proverbial barge pole if that’s the case.

    • I suspect he’s making a joke based on past instances of Google privacyfail. I would hope that they’ve learnt their lesson? We’ll all know more after a few more days of beta-testing has gone down.

  23. That’s exactly why I’m always a late adopter!

  24. Today I turned down a dead-end job.

    Feeling conflicted.

  25. I was just wondering if any one knew how I could go about finding what the laws actually were in the 60’s regarding how many hours a day/week a disabled person was permitted to work? Google is not being my friend. (I also have the brain fuzzies, so my search terms have probably been inefficient.) Any advice? Anyone?

  26. The Austlii database is pretty annoying, Pirra, but will, somewhere, have the details you’re after, I think…

  27. Thank you so much WP. This is by far the most promising looking site yet!

  28. No worries, Pirra! My abortive career in studying the law comes into its own! Finally 😉

  29. Finding the absolute trashing of the DSK complainant’s reputation quite distressing, because it looks like she’ll never even get her day in court now.
    Ugh yes. Especially galling is that the Times is the only media outlet I’ve seen in the last few days that still deems her injuries to be worthy of mention.

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