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Items of interest come across recently in my feed-reader. What did I miss? Leave your own interesting links in comments. Shameless self-promotion entirely welcome!
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  • Autism and Empathy
  • – “One thing about that post that gets me is the quote from Simon Baron-Cohen in which he dismisses autistic criticisms of his work by saying that the people who criticize it are simply not autistic enough to be representative. This is fairly typical of many researchers, who find it more important to impose their own models on autistic thought and behavior, and ignore what autistic people have to say about their thought and behavior.”

  • Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Charlie Sheen, Prince Harry and disposable women
  • – “Our culture has decided which women count and which women don’t count, and I don’t know what to do about that. But I do know that the language that journalists use to refer to women influences the way we think about those women. It isn’t about taking a strident, pro-woman stance in the way you use language, but about asking yourself why you would mention a woman’s previous relationship before you mentioned her name.”

  • Avatar as a Tired Colonialist Trope
  • – “Avatar was heralded as a break-through movie for its technological achievements, but its theme is tired. With the aim of pointing to how Avatar simply regurgitated a strong history of white, Western self-congratulation, Craig Saddlemire and Ryan Conrad re-mixed the movie with other similar movies, including Blind Side, Dancing with Wolves, Blood Diamond, The Last Samurai, Out of Africa, Stargate, and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.”

  • links for 2011-06-30
  • – Racialicious linkfarm

  • When stupid rules the news world
  • – “The news editors in the UK and Australia who ran this story are responsible for damaging relationships within this family, all so their audiences can have a bit of a giggle. There is a very big difference between something the public may be interested in, and something that’s in the public interest.”

  • The best of the rest of the internet
  • – “This week’s best reads on feminism, politics, class and popular culture – chopped up, roasted and served to you on a platter.”

  • Links of Great Interest: So. Much. Fail.
  • – Hathor Legacy’s linkfarm

  • What It’s Like To Watch People You Like Demean Women
  • – “an apology is a first step, not a solution or an end. The next step is to quit acting like a sexist asshole, even for a minute, even if you think it’s for fun and jokes, and stop saying sexist things and perpetuating sexist ideas like, for example, the notion that women are not valuable unless you think they are sexy, whatever that means. Because if that happens over time, I can believe that good hearted people just make mistakes and can learn from them.

    If it doesn’t happen over time, I’ll continue to see these folks out at bars and shows, and I’ll remember their thumbs-upping of sexist comments, and their gleeful skewering of a woman who they feel isn’t pretty enough to have thoughts or opinions, and I’ll think less of people I once knew and liked.”

  • Quick Hit: DSK Case & Rape Culture Reporting
  • – “I think this is a writ-in-neon-lights example of how a culture in which sexual assault is not taken seriously unless its victims are virginal white girls, how a culture that holds women who enjoy or have ever consented to sex in any context can never be raped, how a culture that has a “boys will be boys” attitude toward male perpetrators of sexual violence does come home in a practical sense within our criminal justice system, no matter what laws we have on the books. Because regardless of laws against rape that are race/class/nationality/etc. blind … some individuals will be given the support of those laws to gain protection and/or recompense, while others will not. Because as a culture we support inequal justice.”

  • Steampunk, Tech, and TARDISes: A Cosplay Tale
  • – This post combines so many of my favourite things I had to read it in stages so that the squee would not overwhelm me.

  • Social, Fiscal Conservatives In GOP Split On New York’s Marriage Equality
  • – “The battle for the GOP’s priorities is heating up and the American Taliban is enduring some hits.”

  • On the Dominique Strauss-Kahn Case And Its Tentacles
  • – “It isn’t that I want her to be freed of the concept of credibility. But her background, the desperation of people applying for the right to live in the United States and the possible power dynamics that might exist between her and her boyfriend/fiancee could matter here in a way which the simple interpretation of legal credibility fail to pay attention to.”

  • Harrods and make-up: women’s faces aren’t good enough
  • – “This is clear sexist discrimination: men’s bare faces are acceptable, women’s are not. Legally, case law apparently supports “the right of employers to impose dress codes with different requirements for women and men provided there were ‘equivalent’ requirements”, but I fail to see any equivalence here.”

  • So simple, your mother could do it, photo-style!
  • – “You have a fortnight, until comments close, to post a link to a photo of a mother doing something decidedly not simple, with her child (of any age) in the shot. In a fortnight, assuming we get some, I’ll do a second post with selected photos.”

  • Federer releases Let it Be
  • – Grog’s Gamut leaves politics behind for an excursion through performance brilliance

  • Abortion changes to be snuck in without a vote
  • – “We’ve seen this all before in the US. Anti-choice campaigners wear away at one thing after another, till we’re left in a situation where women who miscarry and have stillbirths are being tried for murder…”

Disclaimer/SotBO: a link here is not necessarily an endorsement of all opinions of the post author(s) either in the particular post or of their writing in general.

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  1. Andrea who wrote the “What it’s like …” article sure has one good troll there to do some mansplainin’.

    Yes, you are indeed fortunate that I pop in from time to time to put some perspective on the fantasy world of the fem-o-sphere. Makes it more of a discussion and less of a cheerleading section for bad thinking.

    Yup, he’s a keeper all right.

  2. Thank you for the link on Autism and Empathy.
    I am often astounded that people lump all people on the spectrum as having identical issues with empathy, it defies logic really. I know some do have an inability to empathise (as expressed by themselves, not the ‘experts’) but I also know many who do have enormous empathy AND compassion. I wonder if, in some cases, it’s not a lack of empathy but the inability to express it in ways that are recognisable to people not on the spectrum? In any case, when it comes to empathy, compassion and the expression of these things, I will take a first hand account of the person on the spectrum over a so called expert dictating what other people can and cannot feel.

  3. Wow Mindy, thanks for that link. I have tears.

  4. Oh dear. The empathy one has been rolling around in my head the last few days. My son has Asperger’s syndrome and I’ve heard every generalisation under the sun. I get so frustrated at how little room it leaves for the complexities and individualities of each person’s experience of the spectrum of thought patterns and behaviours that make up ASD. My son does have some difficulties in manifesting the socially prescribed ‘correct’ reaction to emotions. When he was younger he’d laugh when upset or uncomfortable. He also finds it hard to cry about emotionally charged things, but cries with frustration at times. But he’s also the child who burst into tears when it was suggested he might want to travel without me one day, who cried when he thought he’d hurt my feelings with something he said when I was just surprised, who, on being told that some kids didn’t have any or many toys he packed ALL his toys including his newest and favourites to be given away, and the other day packing for our move I found a letter from when he was six to his father (in Germany) that said ‘Dear Dad. I really miss you. Here is some money for a snack’ with $1.50 taped to the paper in coins. He constantly becomes outraged at political injustice and thinks of ways to resolve it, and he’s the first to offer to buy things for people.
    Then I read the second link and was struggling not to sob in the office.

    • @Alien Tea, thanks for that link. I’ve been super busy lately and haven’t been doing as much reading as usual, or I would have caught up with that story.
      Privilege: the capacity to be safely clueless regarding constant threats that others are justifiably vigilant about.

  5. I just stumbled across that one last night, and got very upset indeed, though my Nigel turned out to be quite proud of his ability to multitask by responding constructively to a feminist rant while watching the State of Origin.
    Rebecca Watson’s response is very worth reading. Possibly the most revolting thing was in Dawkins’ third post, when he claimed that all he would need to change his mind is for someone to give him a rational explanation for the women’s point of view.

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