Friday Hoydens: Saffire – The Uppity Blues Women

L-R: Gaye Adegbalola, Andra Faye,  Ann Rabson all holding megaphones

Album cover photo from "Ain't Gonna Hush!"

Saffire was an acoustic trio of uppity blues women who performed together for 25 years from 1984-2009.  The individual members are still making music separately – Ann Rabson, Andra Faye, Gaye Adegbalola.

As Ann so clearly put it, she wants to be “musically promiscuous, instead of faithful to the same partners.” Gaye and Andra say, “Ditto.”

Silver Beaver

[lyrics at Alta Lyrics]

Too Much Butt (For One Pair of Jeans)

A cancer fundraiser – Bald headed Blues

Big Ovaries, Baby

And finally, the song that I heard on the radio last night that inspired me to go hunting for videos of this band (hearing musicians like this for the first time is why I listen to my radio station of choice despite the occasional petty irritations when the music isn’t playing):

Middle Aged Blues Boogie

Saffire – Middle Aged Blues Boogie Lyrics @

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6 replies

  1. Yes.
    I’ve loved this group of women for a long time… since I had Napster, and a few searches for lady blues music led me to them. Favorites from this time period (my early twenties!) include:
    If Love Hurts (you’re not doing it right)
    Bitch with a bad attitude

  2. After reading and listening I ran to my scrapbook and worked out (bugger not scribbling a date on various things before I put them in there) Tess and I have been playing together on and off since 1982, which would make it 30 years next year!!
    Last time we started up again I thought F**k, I’m no Iggy pop – I’ll look like some gran playing drums. Then I had a think about it and thought it was a bit of a hoot, anyway.

    • 30 years! That’s pretty fucking impressive, Helen. Where’s the links to those couple of Youtube clips of you lot doing the Big Gig?

  3. That was the Rococopops, 1988-91 if I remember correctly. Here it is,
    I’m going to write some posts about the 80s postpunk music revival in Melbourne as it appears people are getting interested in those times. Lots of autobiographies coming out.

  4. Yay, that’s the one!

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