Today in Unicorn Chasing: the Beluga Whale and the Mariachi Band

I love how attentive the whale is. He even seems to be moving in rhythm at some points.

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    Kelly O’Neil, senior trainer of beluga whales at the aquarium, told me that Juno was hanging out in his 750,000-gallon tank when the wedding festivities began. Juno shares the tank with two other female beluga whales.
    The whales can choose to go up to the window, to watch any human happenings, or they can retreat to quiet, private areas, which include two back pools that are out of sight.
    “Juno is extremely playful, so the mariachi band must have piqued his curiosity,” O’Neil said. “The two females might have stayed away since he was hogging the window.”
    Beluga whales are known as the “canaries of the sea,” due to their musical vocalizations. (You can listen to some in this beautiful clip.) O’Neil said the whales can hear outside of their tank, when they get up to the window, so there’s little doubt that Juno was aware of the music.
    He is also clearly aware of the mariachi players’ movements, even dancing along with them as he mirrors their head bobs and sways.

  2. It is amazing, but at the same time it makes me kind of sad.

  3. This is now my son’s most favourite thing on the interwebs. Every time he sees me with my iPad he insists that we watch the dancing whale. Thanks for sharing this it’s brought the five year old such joy 🙂

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