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Helloooo! I’m being a bit cloistered, still recovering from flu and with mountains of work to do.

Bad news on the stock markets and the astonishing riots in the UK haven’t helped me feel like poking my head up much, either.

At least the days are getting visibly longer.

Anybody got anything cheery to share?

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  1. Penny Wong and her partner Sophie Allouache have announced that they are expecting a baby!

  2. No, but I do have more work for you. How about a census open thread? Sure there’s lots of stats boffins itching to dissect the format of the questions.
    Actually, I’m feeling pretty cheery about just how very fab the National Library’s “Trove” search engine is. How have they managed to get all that stuff on it?

  3. Well, I live in London and they’ve only smashed one shop window in our high street, which is nice…
    In non-sarcastic news, the Doctor Who Season 6 Part 2 trailers have just been released! Have a link, courtesy of The Mary Sue: http://www.themarysue.com/new-doctor-who-trailer/

    • @blessedjessed, glad to hear that where you live is not in the thick of it.
      Thanks for the DW6.2 trailer – *urge to squee – rising*

  4. @tigtog
    Yeah, don’t bother reading Fred Vile. Apparently this baby has human rights something something mutter mutter* two mothers, unlike babies born to abusive het parents who are abused, neglected, etc who he doesn’t seem to give a toss about.
    *this is my literal translation of what Fred Vile said.

  5. My favourite sunbeam (the one which warms my chair as I sit in front of the computer) is back today – no clouds in the sky, which means the house gets a bit of a chance to warm up a bit. My pea plants are flowering and fruiting, even if I do have Cabbage White caterpillars nibbling the leaves. The dandelions in the lawn are starting to flower, so there’s a spot of colour there. Also one of the irises in the raised garden bed to the carport side of the house is flowering – a beautiful purple flower spike.
    (Sorry, I’m not doing too well at this myself. Life snuck up on me and reminded me how bad things are and how bad they can conceivably get, and that never really helps).

  6. This gave me a smile yesterday:
    Red panda keeps an eye on its dinner

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