Otterday Gone Mega! And Open Thread.

It’s QUADRUPLE BONUS Otterday! Because we just couldn’t choose. Shared on flickr this week are:

Emmy the otter, snapped at the British Wildlife Centre, Newchapel, Surrey, by Peter G Trimming.

closeup of a river otter's face. Her fur is damp and clinging together in spikes. She has the sweetest plump whisker pads.

These cuddling otters were caught in the act by Tambako the Jaguar, in the Netherlands.

Two otters, one lying over the back of another, an arm around its chest. The otter beneath is arching back to nuzzle at the face of the top otter, as it stares off into the distance.

Tunnel time! LoopyLozzy92 grabbed this shot of a peeking otter bottom.

a piece of pipe on grass. The back half of an otter is hanging out of the pipe, as it plays.

Otter bones! bjorn.watland found these at the University of Minnesota.

An otter skeleton in a glass and wood display case. The skeleton is posted half-standing, paws on a branch.

Please feel free to use this thread to natter about anything your heart desires. Is there anything great happening in your life? Anything you want to get off your chest? Reading a good book (or a bad one)? Anything in the news that you’d like to discuss? What have you created lately? Commiserations, felicitations, temptations, contemplations, speculations?

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  1. Three of these things belong together,
    three of these things are kind of the same,
    but one of these things just doesn’t belong here…
    That song sounds a lot darker that when I first heard it.

  2. Otter bones are cool. Otters wouldn’t be nearly so marvellous without them.
    In less marvellous, but worth marvelling over, news: The Australian’s War on Science 68: getting your science from a chain email – oh dear.

  3. I hate you, microsoft word. I hate you very much.

  4. Donald Trump has been busy spoiling the views of other people around Aberdeen with his golf resort development, but now The Donald’s upset that an offshore wind farm will spoil his views.

  5. Love the otter bones! Though it was a bit startling. Reading about Nancy Wake over the weekend, shocked that I wasn’t taught about her in history class (learn something interesting about WWII, NEVA). She was an awesome hoyden by the sounds of things.

  6. We fail big for such a little country.

  7. Hello lovely Hoydenizens!! I’ve disappeared into my own little world for the last several weeks – the move was so incredibly exhausting I would not have believed you if you’d told me. And funnily enough all the defensive crap that we used to pull with one another early on? Yeah that got magnified tenfold when we moved in, got completely exhausted and went ‘Huh? What? You’re here? All the time? And you have *moods*???’. Was pretty touch and go for us for a couple of weeks but has now settled down and things are quite lovely. Sitting in front of a fire and pondering whether I have the…botheredness to get up and iron. Long week culminating in 1/ possible intruder last night – miniTBO convinced someone was walking around the house with a flashlight and when we got up the back door was unlocked 2/ TBOs relos came over today and my wasn’t their homophobic schtick delightful 3/ Backed up sewer line. If you’ve never tried to plunge your own poop down the toilet, put it on your to-do list, an absolute delight! I have missed interacting here – I’ve read when I’ve had a chance, but it’s been all work and no play. I agree that Otters might be creepy without Otter bones!

  8. Good to see you again!

  9. Lovely to hear from you, FP.

  10. I hate Starkey. Not only is he sexist and racist and generally a prat, but he’s a bad historian.
    In other news, I’ve finished my dissertation! Almost a week early! So I am spending the next few days proof-reading other people’s dissertations.

  11. I saw this, regarding the riots in London, which appears to be genuine rather than a spoof:
    If anyone has been made homeless after the riots, we can offer a safe place to stay in our Yurt in Highgate. Yurts come from Mongolia and are nomadic homes. It is situated in our garden. Our Yurt offers a large room, overlooking woodland, two minutes from the tube, with electricity, an ensuite bathroom, and can sleep a family of five or more. Maybe someone affected by the riots just needs somewhere quiet to stay for a few days? Please get in touch. Katherine
    Pretty cool.

  12. Have some pie chart fail!! Not *only* is the bigger number apparently represented by the smaller of the two largest segments of pie, but the total is apparently 103%!
    Oh dear, the riots and the commentary! 😦 Saw briefly that Ms Devine apparently blames lesbian mums (?? – no idea how she got there, not going to look and ruin my day with her words) – read half a para on Starkey before I got dizzy and depressed and had to stop. Grr.

  13. *Massive TW for rape, rape threats, apologia/minimisation*
    I’m currently mulling over this incident and the response it has received:
    I don’t understand the mindset that it’s totally just something that pops into one’s head when one is seeking to unnerve one’s opponent. Who thinks of that? Apparently, the fact that the threat was reported and considered actionable is a sign of the country going soft.
    A bit of a missing the point award here, with a bonus hint of woman-as-property:
    “I don’t understand what the sledge has to do with respectful behaviour towards women. Surely the disrespectful behaviour was against the footballer, not his mother. Would it have been more acceptable if he had instead suggested raping one of Pettard’s male relatives?”

  14. @Perla, gross. (It, not you, obviously).
    Yay for otters!

  15. I wrote here about my issues with the name thing before…
    I eventually agreed, since he seemed to care more than me (his response was largely emotional and mine was largely intellectual), that futurepotential kids would get his last name and mine as a middle. I thought I was ok with it until someone I know had a baby this week and I was thinking about if that were me and I had just gone through all of that with my body and my self, and then had to fill in the forms with someone else’s name and call the baby by someone else’s name and everyone would be congratulating me on the birth of baby someoneelse’sname…
    Anyway, I brought it up again and he got that closed-up face that says “I don’t want to talk about it”, but I asked him to consider instead of using mine as a middle, we use not-hyphenated double barrel and then casually use only his anyway, but at least on official stuff I won’t get reduced to an initial…
    I thought I could deal, but the whole thing makes me feel like crap. Hopefully I’m just over-thinking and the reality if/when it occurs will be that the name(s) of our family will not be as important as everything else that makes a family. And if I have a baby, whatever it’s name is it’ll be my baby, so it won’t matter.

  16. (((((Alien Tea)))))

  17. AT, your most recent idea of putting both surnames in the surname space on the birth certificate, his last, with no hyphen, is exactly what I went with in the end. It means that is also what is on his passports, but my partner’s gets used casually at this time (as you predicted). It hasn’t created any administrative, legal or social problems (though you do have to remember you did it when you book plane tickets!). My reasoning, which may be helpful to your conversations on the topic, was that we are choosing something important for another person here, when we can give them the right to choose for themselves. This way, when he grows up, he can make his own decision about what name he wants to use, without having to muck about with deed polls. Might be a way to defuse the subject if you make it about free choice for your child? Good luck with whatever you decide.

  18. – orlando, that is great. I love hearing success stories like that! I hope he’ll agree to it. I don’t see why not if he’s agreeing to mine as a middle. The argument that it’s unweildy looks a bit foolish when the name ends up looking and sounding exactly the same anyway.
    and thanks SN 🙂

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