Dividing the pie: perception vs reality

three pie graphs: 1. How we think the pie is divided 2. How we would like the pie divided 3. How the Pie Really is Divided

We think the poorest 20% have about 10% of the wealth and the richest 20% have about 40% of the wealth. Actually the poorest 20% have only 1%, while the richest 20% have 61% of the wealth

Source: new research commissioned by the ACTU (via Peter Martin’s summary: We think the rich are too rich. But they’re even richer..

Presented with three unlabeled pie charts showing Australia’s actual wealth distribution, a distribution a United States survey had found to be ideal and an completely even distribution, an overwhelming two-thirds wanted to live in the completely even society.

Presented with two unlabeled charts showing the actual Australian distribution of wealth and the more unequal distribution in the United States only 22 per cent wanted to live in the US… Among Coalition voters the proportion preferring to live in the US was 24 per cent, among Labor and Greens voters 20 per cent.

“Australians apparently favour a significantly more equal distribution that they believe currently exists and a dramatically more equal distribution than actually does exist,” the researchers conclude.)

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