Femmostroppo Reader September 8, 2011

Items of interest come across recently in my feed-reader. What did I miss? Leave your own interesting links in comments. Shameless self-promotion entirely welcome!
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  • Seriously, stop with the booth babes
  • -“What you end up with is the situation where you, as a conference goer, walk up to a booth and, because you’re no stranger to how this works, ignore any attractive woman and talk directly to a male at the booth. You assume immediately that any attractive female is there simply for their physical appearance, not for the value that their knowledge brings. This is wrong on every level, and it’s an insidious form of objectifying women – it happens gradually, over time, and the more booth babes you see, the more ingrained it becomes.”

  • CFP: Disabled Mothers « Feminist Philosophers
  • – “Whether a birth mother, an adoptive mother,a foster mother, a co-mother, someone mothered by a disabled woman, or someone whose research explores disabled mothering, we invite you to submit to this collection.”

  • Who gets to be sexy?
  • – “The reason for the gender difference about who gets to be sexy is this: Men are the guys in charge. For women to have sexual power and political, social, or economic power is threatening to men as a group.

    I believe the major reason women are held back is because dangling the carrot- if you achieve, you will be sexy- is a huge motivator, because being sexy is fun. Men have a direct route while women are faced with dead ends.

    The solution to this enforced gender duality is not, alas, to be smart and wear a short skirt all at the same time.”

  • When the getting to work is as stressful as the work itself
  • – genderised commuting expectations

  • Oh, well he’s funny, that makes up for sexually abusing a four-year-old
  • – WTF?

  • Just DIY it.
  • – craftylicious

  • My Oh My, Stephen Fry.
  • – “Maybe I should say: you forgot about your roots. You were one of us, and now you’re there saying how disgusting you were. That hurts us.”

  • Humiliating girlhood
  • – “A hazing ritual that has gone on for years seems to have reached a new level of absurdity at major league ballparks: rookie relievers are being forced to wear schoolgirl backpacks — gaudy in color, utterly unmanly — to transport gear.”

    “Unmanly”! “Painful”! “Torment”! “Flamboyant”! “Amusing”! “Humiliating”! And — take a deep breath — “pink”!

    They’ve spelled it out for me: there’s nothing more humiliating than being a girl.”

  • Sexism 101
  • – “At “the top”– whether at America’s “best” schools, largest companies, or highest levels of government– it’s one massive frat party.”

  • “You can’t appreciate, that’s why you f***ers hate”
  • – Racists shouldn’t get to define what is and isn’t racist, especially when they’re denying what racial heritage people actually have.

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  1. Great post from QoT. LudditeJourno has a moving, and distressing, post at The Hand Mirror about the same case. In praise of mothers who don’t think child abuse is funny
    The only consolation is the near universal outrage in NZ over the discharge.

  2. Oh Deborah, that’s truly disgusting! I can’t imagine being in this mother’s position!! 😦

  3. I’m having quite a visceral reaction to that LudditeJourno post… revolting (the case discussed).

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