Thursday Cheezburger – Waiting

Today’s theme is Waiting. It is dedicated to V from Telstra who patiently helped me through the system until we found a tech who knew his stuff and was able to get my internet back on line. #thelightsaren’tononthemodem #firstworldproblems At least I finally managed to crack that Sudoku that had been eluding me.

Yes I tried unplugging it and waiting 30 seconds

funny pictures
I iz in ur screen waiting fur ur mouse

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    Dogs biting Mailmen is so Last Year

    Resigned to her fate, Chloe grudgingly waited for the matching booties and beret.

  2. Someday my prints will come…

  3. That “Someday my prints will come” really did make me Laugh Out Loud!

  4. Now I want to caption a picture of Snow White with “someday my prints with come” and stick it above the notoriously unreliable photocopier at work!

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