Looks like we’re all a bit busy

And I haven’t even got around to starting the spring cleaning yet!

Seiyou-Mitsu-Bachi, ????, Common honey bee, European honey bee, Apis mellifera  She is about to land the flower of Catsear, Front arms raised ready to hook the petal, rear legs down, mouth tube extended, Incredible harmonized moves in a very short moment.

Busy Bee

What’s keeping the rest of you all so quiet?

Anybody want to get together for a September equinox gathering next week? It occurs at 09:04 (or 9:04am) Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) on September 23, 2011 – that’s 7:04:00 PM AEST here in Sydney, and 5:04:00 PM AWST in Perth. I’m happy to coordinate a gathering here in Sydney (or join our group in with any other feminist blogger meetups happening that I don’t yet know about) and would love it if other Hoydenizens organised meet-ups elsewhere if they’re in the mood.

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  1. My husband started a new job that means he has gone from zero commuting to a one-hour-each-way commute, that’s the major stressor here. Everything gets easier with practice, but we aren’t very practised yet.
    I would love to come to a Hoyden meetup, but I’m busy on Fridays, and I think I just need to take a breather for the rest of September in any event. We hauled our toddler from pillar to post on the weekend (three social engagements, all totally adult focussed), one of those weekends which was more intense than a weekday.

  2. I would TOTALLY be up for an equinox gathering!

  3. Busy and don’t have time to get het up about stuff enough to blog about it. No lack of stuff making me cranky unfortunately. I will have to find some time on the weekend to blog some things.

  4. All/any of you HaT authors – feel free to put together a linkfest post if you don’t have time to blog in detail – or just a quick-link.
    Readers – you too! We love guest posts, and we’re always happy to consider a quicklink suggestion.

  5. Been struggling with low mood issues, sleep, concentration and motivation all suffering as a result. Down to pretty much tweeting only when it comes to online involvement. But I made pretty stuff on the weekend! Think things might be improving a little.

    Would love to come to an equinox gathering 🙂

  6. I love the idea of an equinox gathering but can’t on Friday 😦

  7. For clarity: I mean, on that Friday.

  8. Boo. While the actual equinox date is cool, more people being available is even better.
    How does Sunday afternoon on the 25th work for people?
    (There’s nothing to stop other locations doing it on the actual day – so far only Sydney folks have spoken out)

  9. By some kind of miracle, Sunday 25th is the only weekend day I’m free for about 3 weeks on either side 🙂 so in other words, yes, it would suit me nicely.

  10. Yes, Sunday 25th also works for me, especially if it’s in the afternoon.

  11. 25th works for me too.

  12. I had my first day of a new volunteering job Monday, a job interview yesterday and my first shift of part time work today. All a bit stressful, and I’m not entirely sure I actually have the spoons for full time work.

  13. It’s beginning of semester over here in the NL, which means rain and more rain, in amongst meeting students and hurrying to try and get stuff done before I have to -ahem – mark things, which takes so much time. Hurryhurry. ;-P

  14. Like Jo, 25th is freakishly, randomly free for me.
    Anyone up for another Shakespearey post? I’m thinking a lot about Emilia in Othello right now.

    • OK, looks like the 25th is going to be the most generally convenient date.
      Shall we do something simple then, like a picnic in the Botanical Gardens, weather permitting? And perhaps a wander around inside the NSW Art Gallery if weather is less kind?
      I’m thinking that the gardens and gallery are both relatively affordable and accessible, with good public transport links, but very open to other suggestions.

    • P.S. to orlando – we’re always up for a Shakespeare post!

  15. @ Mary – I hear you on the commuting thing – it was hard, then it got easier, then BAM hard again.
    Can’t make a catch up either of those dates – on campus sessions abound at the moment. On a tightly structured study plan at the moment which makes it easier to know when I can stop without guilt etc, but every now and then I just want to have a tantrum and scream ‘But I don’t WANT to study after three hours of commuting and a full day at work and chores around the house’. Shrug – on the other hand most other things are much nicer…especially sitting in the sun watching the bluetongue pretend I can’t see it. 🙂

  16. I am all over the 25th like covalent bonds on hydrocarbon.

  17. Picnic and gallery sound lovely, but having just read an email from GetUp on the subject I’m now wondering if we want to fit our get-together in around the Australian Marriage Equality event on at Sydney Town Hall.
    From the email

    Without giving the surprise away, the idea is to fill the ground floor of Sydney Town Hall with hundreds of supporters of marriage equality just like you. We’ll work together to represent visually how the statistics in support of same-sex marriage have increased over time.

    More info here

  18. I was wondering the same.

    • I’d missed the noticeboard on that one! Perhaps we could have a meetup for morning tea before the GetUp event, and those who want to go on can, and those who don’t feel up to it can head off elsewhere?

  19. I had the same thought when I read the circular tonight.

  20. Errr … this is the part where I admit I can’t read a calendar…
    Actually, I think what happened is that, following my update to Gingerbread, my calendar wasn’t syncing properly and I didn’t notice at first. Yeah. That’s my excuse, and I’m sticking to it!
    Anyway, turns out I had promised to help out some students with something on Sunday. The time isn’t set, so I will join you all if I can (and would have loved to have come to the rally!) but I am probably seeing the students morning + lunch or lunch + afternoon. Hmph.
    So maybe I will make morning tea, at least. Fingers crossed!

  21. What time do you think, tigtog?

  22. Chally, should we aim to meet at about 10:45am near the Obelisk in Hyde Park (end of Park Street) ? That’s a short walking distance from St James, Museum and Town Hall stations, and there’s grass and flowers.

  23. Oops, it’s at the end of Bathurst Street, not Park Street.

  24. But anyway, still a nice spot to find a place to sit and chat. I will bring a rug.

  25. Hyde Park 10:45am, got it. I’ll be there with Caitlin in tow 🙂
    Have those intending to come to the Marriage Equality thing registered for tickets? As of now there are 324 tickets left.

  26. I think the three of us might make the trek. 🙂
    Have to confirm the Wicked Fairy’s work schedule.

  27. Hey folks, I’m afraid that I’m going to pull out of coming tomorrow — my partner and I are heading overseas next week, and I’m going to need the time for Getting Stuff Done.
    I hope you all have a great picnic!

  28. What’s our wet weather alternative to Hyde Park? (She asks, listening to the pouring rain outside.)

  29. Sounds good to me, still 10:45am?

    My mum and dad are joining us for the Marriage Equality event 🙂

    • Yep, still 10:45am – about to email all who have rsvp’ed as ‘attending’ so that you’ve all got my mobile phone number.

  30. Great, QVB on a rainy Sunday should actually be rather cheering.

  31. Snots, lack of sleep and the weather mean we aren’t coming, sorry all.

    • Sorry to hear that, Aphie! Hope the snots run away soon.
      I will definitely be there, with my kindle to keep me amused while I’m waiting. My health means I’ve not got enough stamina for all the hurry-up-and-wait involved with an afternoon’s filming with Get Up!, so I won’t be hanging on for that after morning tea, but I’m very much looking forward to catching up with those of you making the trek in to do so.

  32. Home. Had fun. Ded. Will blog later.

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