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I can haz cat tardis? Follow the link for more great Cat Tardis pictures. (yes this did need its own post)

TARDIS Cat Playset of the Day <

Image description: A white cat with a black marking on its forehead and black and ginger tail is lying on top of a miniaturised blue box in the shape of Dr Who’s Tardis. The words Police Box and Public Call have been stencilled onto the box, with the addition of a sign (illegible) to make it look just like the tardis in Dr Who. It also has two metal handles on the front so it is easy to open. Photos in the link show the interior of the box which has been fitted out with shelves covered with pale coloured carpet for the comfort of the cat. One photo shows the cat looking out the window of the closed doors on the ‘Tardis’.

h/t to @asifandwhen on Twitter.


ETA: If you follow this link he goes into more detail about how he built it and has better pictures of what is inside. There is actually an access hole on the top so Kaylee can get in and out as she wants to. So cool.

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  1. From the pictures it looks like it’s all open at the back for easy access for the cat at all times – the doors at the front must just be too make it easier for the humans to open it up for cleaning time.

  2. That is made of 100% pure, unadulterated win.

  3. Well, I know what Rogue’s getting for her birthday.

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