Thursday Cheezburger – Morning

Today’s theme is Morning. Even though I’ve been doing mornings for years now, some days mornings still seem hard to get into.

funny pictures of cats with captions
Bed head. Turns out you don’t need hair to have it.

Image description: Hairless cat with black nose surrounded by pink skin and then grey skin around the eyes, ears and forehead sitting in the middle of a bedspread with its ears folded back.

funny pictures of cats with captions
Don’t look! I haven’t put on mah face!

Image description: Pink skinned hairless cat with its eyes closed and one paw beside its head so it looks like it is trying to avoid having its picture taken. Little pink tongue licking its top lip.

Post your favourite morning themed pictures here.

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  1. aw, poor hairless kittehs.

    Gud morninz! U wipe ur droolz, then be makin me noms, k?

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