Friday Hoyden: Ram Rati

I love this picture – go read her story.

A middle aged woman with dark hair wearing a sari and a jacket over the top poses by a well pump that she maintains

Water, Wells, and One Wonderful Woman: Ram Rati beams with excitement and confidence. “Now, where ever I go I get respect. Surrounding villages, whichever handpumps fail, they call me.”

With the aid of the non-profit organisation Adventure Project, Ram Rati has repaired more than 300 broken wells and used that income to buy her own property where she now employs others.

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2 replies

  1. Awesome. Just awesome.
    I like this quote: “The ripples of impact spread out in many directions from Rati.”

  2. That’s a fabulous story and a fabulous photo. 🙂

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