Thursday Cheezburger – Walls

I can haz Cheezburger didn’t produce any hits for Occupy or Wall St, so today’s theme is just walls.

funny pictures - Spider, spider, on the wall. Ain't you got no sense at all? Don't you know that wall's being plastered. Get off the wall you silly... spider.
Spider, spider, on the wall. Ain’t you got no sense at all? Don’t you know the wall’s being plastered. Get of the wall you silly…spider.
Image description: A small tabby kitten standing on its hind paws, front paws resting on a computer monitor looking at a spider (black dot) on a white wall.

funny pictures - It took me hours, but I *FINALLY* killed that red spot on the wall!!!
It took me hours, but I *FINALLY* killed that red spot on the wall!!!”
You WERE planning on redecorating…weren’t you???
Image description: Grey cat with white chest sitting in a pile of stripped wall paper, with a white strip of wall behind it and green patterned wall paper either side. Text in two white speech bubbles.

Post your favourite Walls themed pictures here.

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1 reply

  1. I iz wall cat
    Ciling cat next floor up
    Nevermind bout basment cat

    Description: Ginger tabby cat appearing in hole half-way up a wall, looking down at german shepherd dog with bemused expression

    I’ve seen the other side
    You do NOT want to
    tear down this wall!

    Description: Tuxedo cat resting on top of old, moss and lichen covered brick wall, blue sky and top of tree visible behind

    I am teh Wall Cat,…
    Koo-koo k-choo.
    (Bless You.)
    (Thnx, man.)

    Description: Black cat sitting on white wall apparently part of a balcony, looking out at bare-branched trees and more distant houses. Main text in blue, extra text in two speech bubbles, first coming from tree near wall, second from cat.

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