Thursday Cheezburger – Exams

This is dedicated to everyone doing, or studying for, end of year exams. I still have nightmares about HSC exams I haven’t studied for, and I did my HSC 20 years ago.

funny pictures of cats with captions
Trevor desperately wanted a good grade in obedience school, but the final exam was not what he’d expected.
Image description: black and white photo showing a sitting black dog with a white chest and muzzle with a tabby kitten asleep on the dog’s head. The kitten has its head over one of the dog’s eyes and its chin resting on the bridge of the dog’s nose.

funny pictures - Kitteh  Points  tu  Ponder  #6
Kitteh Points tu Ponder #6 if quizzes r quizzical, whut r tests?
Image description: A ginger cat lying on an open book looking at the book pages.

Post your favourite exam themed pictures here.

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  1. Stop animal testing!! Whaddaya mean I onlee haz 5 minutes left?

    I did my homework
    Before it was assigned

    Crammin’ for finals
    Ur doin’ it rite!

  2. My version of HSC nightmares (12 years later) are that I get a phone call that somehow explains that I must re-take one of the subjects and fit all the preparation into my current life. It’s usually English, because the set texts will have changed; thanks subconscious, I think maths would be better in that respect.

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