Flemington Avoidance Thread

Have absolutely no interest in the race that stops the nation? Yep, I’m still unAustralian. I don’t care if you love it, just don’t drag me along.

Pull up a comfy chair and a cup of tea and talk about something (anything) else! (if you can’t bear to not talk about it, LP has a dedicated thread)

Look, a hobbit reunion!

The actors who played the Hobbits in the LOTR movies sharing a drink in a booth

Sam, Frodo, Merry, and Pippin hanging out together 10 years on | via Shakesville

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  1. So Kim Kardashian has filed for a divorce. Who could have seen that coming? [/snark]

  2. What, didn’t she only get married last week?

  3. Well, work had fancy-pants plans for a lunch by Darling Harbour (and they do do these big events very well) but mini-FP is sick, and so am I to a lesser extent so it seems that the outfit planning was for nought. Still. Day at home and got to sleep in. I don’t care about That Nameless Activity, I was in it for the fancy steak lunch and the chance to frock up! 🙂
    @Mindy – it was 72 days actually. I just read that they made between them 15 million dollars from their wedding so I suppose that ought to assist in an amicable parting of the ways?
    Guess what – my $400 turned up in my account again!! WOOT!

  4. In other news I’m glad to see Qantas is back in the air. I hope that one of the questions raised by this who debacle, e.g. how come an employer can shut the whole thing down effective immediately when unions have to give 3 days notice, gets some scrutiny.

  5. Bad news about sick child and lost opportunity for frocking up, good news about sleep in and $ back in your account. $15 million would ease the pain somewhat I suspect. I wonder if they had a good pre-nup, according to the scuttlebutt she was worth more than him, or do you need to be married for more than 12 months for it to count?

  6. I’m not sure about how that stuff works – though I did see she was asking for them to not allow his claim for spousal maintenance. Yes I dare say that $7.5 million each should ease most pain in life really.
    In other news I am very disappointed that the movies of Harry Potter have ruined my reading experience – I read them before the movies came out (well the four that had been published at that time) and I had imagined what they all looked like, their expressions when they said things, who they were etc – and now all I can see is the actors. Frown. They don’t match my previous imaginings, but now my previous imaginings have been obliterated such that what I get is more scenes from the movies, and I’ve lost that thrill of disappearing into the story where it was all up to my imagination working with her words.

  7. In other news I am very disappointed that the movies of Harry Potter have ruined my reading experience
    I’ve found the same with Poirot novels. I can only imagine David Suchet inspecting a stylish corpse, even though his character is rather different to the books’.

  8. I quite like David Suchet as Poirot, although I think his moustache should be more magnificent. I think he does the walk well and looks quite fastidious. I prefer Geraldine McEwan’s Miss Marple. I’m trying to think of books I’ve read and later watched as movies where I thought they got the character really wrong. Hannibal Lecter will always be Anthony Hopkins for me.

  9. Adam went duty free shopping before being stranded by our good friend Mr Joyce on the weekend. He bought for me what he described as “a Toblerone the size of a small child” and it is sitting on the coffee table in front of me. Today’s challenge therefore is to avoid falling into the trap of attempting to medicate my yetanotherfuckingearinfection with an excessive amount of chocolate.
    I was very disappointed in the TV version of Simon Templar, fortunately encountered long after reading the books, and James Bond never quite lived up to reading primed expectations either. On the other hand, Peter Wimsey and Harriet Vane in the 1987 BBC version were perfect. I wonder, do you suppose there are many people these days who encounter the James Bond books before the movies?

  10. I must get my hands on a copy of the Peter Wimsey, Harriet Vane stuff. I wonder how many people know that there are James Bond books?

  11. This NZ drink-driving ad is a thing of great beauty and I am sending it to everyone I know.
    “You know I can’t greb your ghost chips!”
    “I’ve been unternalizing a really complicated situation in my hid.”
    Gold, gold, gold.

  12. Whether you are concerned that it is really icecream or not, this sounds like a pretty good way to use up fruit that needs to be eaten.


    I got in trouble the other day for leaving a banana in plain sight in the car, until I explained that they are now around the $5-6 per kilo and not worth their weight in gold. (he was joking)

  13. Heh, I can honestly say I didn’t know that was today until I read this post.
    In my news, the chickies have moved out to our gorgeous new home-made grower hutch in the shed! I’m anxiously monitoring temperatures, probably too anxiously, but that’s a first-time chick-mum for you. Am also perusing them for signs of femaleness, but I’m rubbish at vent-sexing and haven’t quite got the hang of feather-sexing yet either. “If it crows, it goes; if it lays, it stays” is going to have to rule the day.
    The hens seem largely uninterested in the chicks, though that may change when we take the draft-reducing towels off the sides of the hutch. In other good news, we now have all five hens laying every day, which is lovely, and have already given away a couple dozen eggs to neighbours/relatives.

  14. I’m with you, tigtog. Happy to be called unAustralian today. Instead have been rearranging bookshelves in a delightful state of post-5000-word-project-submission-and-pre-exam procrastination. With a good cup of tea on the side 🙂

  15. Was rather cleverly avoiding both The Race *and* non-half-arsedly studying for an exam tomorrow until TPTB decided that all/most commercial radio stations should simulcast the Horse Running. Curses!

    /Run-on whinge

  16. Perla: International streaming radio for the win!

  17. @Helen – gold indeed!
    @Lauredhel – yay! for happy chickies 🙂

  18. @Sheryl – good luck for the exam! Try to include the word “indefatigably” in every answer. Tutors enjoy that.
    @Mindy – that bananacream recipe has been floating around the vegan blogs for a few years. It’s so good with peanut-caramel or chocolate sauce. Or both. Or just the sauce by itself, really.

  19. Anyone got a quick cure for traveller’s gastro? Have picked up a wicked case, don’t have much time left on this holiday, which is making me feel pretty cranky/even worse. Am on the ‘nothing but clear liquids’ diet right now.:(
    Mindy – I love creamy banana Popsicles dipped in chocolate. Also have bookmarked a dairy free choc-avocado ice-cream for this summer.

  20. Sorry to hear that Aphie. Are you sure it is just ordinary gastro? If it is, probably best to just let your body clear it out. If it goes on for too long get yourself to a Dr. (NB I am not a medical person at all, just going from what I have heard from people who are, and people who have suffered)

  21. I prefer Geraldine McEwan’s Miss Marple.
    Joan Hickson for me.

  22. Alphie, travellers gastro probably needs a doctor – usually its a bug you need drugs to get rid of. I ignored it once and two years later had big immune system problems because it had been sitting there unattended.
    That said, Mr and I both get sick often when travelling in SE Asia- if it doesnt go away, and we only have a few days or a week away, we just try to make sure we drink a lot, and only eat in places with a bathroom, and deal with it when we get home.
    Good luck!

  23. Thanks Keira, Mindy. Day four, no change-think I’m off to the dr today. Have eaten nothing for two days, a slice of bread on each of the days before. Feeling amazingly perky for all that. I think my body feels this is situation normal, after the past few years! XD

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