Dialogue with my old neck injury

In 1989 I crashed my car in a ditch on a country road, and my head hit the ceiling and crunched a vertebral joint. I was in horrid pain for about 6 weeks, then it gradually got better (mostly). Until 2007 it was an irregular minor annoyance with occasional serious but short-lived flare-ups (every other year or so). Since 2007 I have to factor “what might this do to my neck?” into every activity of every day. I thought I’d been careful enough over the weekend of my parents moving house, with minimising my lifting as far as I could etc, but it’s hard not to believe that the last few days of dysfunctional pain aren’t related.

[me] Ah, woken up with no pain. Fingers crossed that today won’t be like yesterday!
[neck injury] *grins*
[me] I felt that! What are you up to?
[neck injury] Me? *whistles* Nothing…
[me] C’mon – I couldn’t sit upright for more than an hour at a time yesterday, even with the NSAIDs.
[neck injury] Hey, I’m just doing my thing here.
[me] I had to be lying down to calm the spasms down every second hour – it really disrupted my work flow.
[neck injury] Why don’t you just take some of those Valium to break the spasms?
[me] I can’t work if I take Valium! That’s just for getting a good night’s sleep when you’re at your worst.
[neck injury] Not my problem.
[me] This attitude of yours does nothing for my mood disorder you know.
[neck injury] Still not my problem.
[me] Arsehole.

So yes, this is a notification that I’m not on top of everything right now, and won’t be posting much until my neck decides to let me live again. I can’t even throw up a linkfest post the easy way that I used to.


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  1. Oh, no, tigtog, how unfun! Wishing you well.

  2. Ernst (subject to a LOT of old-injury related pain), and I (not so much, just Anno Domini), have found an amazing, natural anti-inflammatory that might, just might stop the back chat from your neck.
    Turmeric! It is cheap, has no side effects, apart from the taste. Bung a teaspoonful in a medicine glass of water, stir well, and skoll it. Slightly gritty, slightly bitter, earthy. Our son prefers to take 2 teaspoons in a glass of milk. Oh, I did forget one ‘side effect’ and that is turmerics pigmentation talents, but it will come off the Laminex with a drop of Domestos (or Aldi equivalent). Don’t get it on any precious clothes unless you really like flouro yellow.
    Turmeric CAN be purchased from health food outlets, in capsule form, but of course you pay for all the handling. Look for the sachets in your supermarket spice rack.
    Gae, in Callala Bay

  3. 😦 Fingers crossed your neck relents soon.

  4. Sorry to hear that, tigtog, and hoping you’re on the mend as I write.

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