Virtual Sculpture Tour: SBTS Bondi-Tamarama 2011

I’ve been checking out the recent uploads on Flickr tagged “sculpturebythesea”, since this year’s Sculpture by the Sea exhibition along the Bondi-Tamarama clifftop walk started last week.  I haven’t been down there yet (haven’t found the time or the spoons) but I generally enjoy checking it out every year.  It’s always a terrifically varied offering of forms to ponder: one of the best free cultural events in Sydney, deffo (just don’t go on weekends if you can manage to get up nice and early on a weekday instead – the weekend crush can be nasty). 

Anyway, two of this year’s sculptures have jumped out at me in the sea of Flickr thumbnails:

SBTS 38.
Michael Snape, bowl II

SBTS 38. by Newtown grafitti | shared under CCL

Byeong Doo Moon, i have been dreaming to be a tree … II

SBTS 33 by Newtown grafitti | shared under CCL

I also like the enormous picture frame on the headland that encourages the public to artfully arrange themselves within its boundaries: it carries the trademark SBTS touch of whimsy.

Any fellow Sydneysiders got some different faves for this year? What about those who went to SBTS in Cottesloe, WA? or even Aarhus, Denmark?

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  1. Those are brilliant; thanks for posting them. One of my favourite sculptures remains the phone sheep.

  2. Oh the deer, combines two of my very favourite things. Dying of art lust. Thank you for posting.

  3. I think you found good ones (the curators probably think so too, that deer is in a position they usually reserve for an excellent one), I also like:
    Acrobats balancing on a pile of chairs.
    I doubt those are their real names! (They are licensed all rights reserved, so don’t embed them.)
    I’d like to go this year too, but it’s tricky. The last few times I’ve exhausted myself doing it in the heat of the day. The morning, on a day with a cool forecast, would be ideal. Actually this coming weekend doesn’t look too bad on that front, although as a tradeoff it won’t have the brilliant blue skies of those photos you found.

  4. I’m so sad I can’t make it this year.

  5. Randomly enough, I was visiting Sydney when this opened and my family took me to view the sculptures because they live nearby. Absolutely fascinating, we don’t have anything on this scale in NZ.
    My favourites were of a silver tree (photographed beautifully against the greying sea), the huge “Do not touch this artwork” sign (photographed touching it, LOL) and the giant jewelled spider web.

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