Sydney Summery Femmosphere Meetup: expressions of interest

I’m hoping to organise a wee Hoydens and femmosphere participants (that is, people who write or comment on or read feminist blogs) in December in Sydney.

At the moment the leading candidate location is a pub in Manly, to give you a feel for location. North-side Hoydens and others get a look-in! Possibly!

If you could possibly come, please help me get a sense for dates. Fill out this poll to indicate your availability: the plan is early lunch and probably chatting into the afternoon. I’ll lock in a date as soon as I can, hopefully by Friday this week.

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  1. I can’t believe I used “expressions of interest” in the title of this post. Oh self! It’s a brain worm left over from a more formal event I’m running, but even so.
    I promise to be less po-faced in person.

  2. Kids?

  3. YetAnotherMatt: yes, whereever I choose will be kids-allowed. I’m planning on bringing my son, who is almost 2. It’ll probably be an adults sitting around and chatting over food deal, which might not suit all kids temperamentally. (It doesn’t suit mine, but I will probably bring my co-kid wrangler.)

  4. hiya,
    I’ve been a bit of a lurker on hoyden for a while (love reading it! but haven’t commented..), but also read a bunch of feminist blogs (among others), am relatively new to Sydney, and keen to meet some new ppl and talk about feminism 🙂
    Am not sure if this post/poll/the meetup was aimed at ppl like myself, but filled in the poll anyway – figured it was worth a go 🙂

  5. Laurin: lurkers and newcomers are all welcome, it’s a good way to get to know some folks!

  6. Awesome. Other kinderherders to share pugglevigil with in shifts, so we have a chance to sit around ranting in an unfunny humourless feminist way whist drinking bitterness and having slices of pathetic anger bread would be lovely.
    (Fe content approx 47%)

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