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Image description: a photograph of some stencilled graffiti art on a rendered brick wall. It shows two identical baby faces side by side. Beneath the left-side face is a caption saying BIG STRONG BOY, beneath the right-side face is a caption saying LITTLE CUTE GIRL.

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  1. Heh. Spot the difference, indeed.

  2. Quite.
    I take great delight in saying to baby girls “oh, how big and strong you are!” and to baby boys “oh, how pretty you are!”

  3. And there’s also the difference in comments to new fathers:
    Boy: He’ll have his pick of them when he’s older! (Or some variant thereof.)
    Girl: You’re gonna need a shotgun dude. (Pretty much verbatim every time.)
    People think you’re exaggerating when you say that this stuff starts from day one.

  4. In these dates of routine ultrasounds, it starts well before Day One. And if you don’t ‘find out’ there’s all the speculation based on movement, size etc. Argh!

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