Come one! Come all! The 44th Down Under Feminists Carnival heading for Hoyden!

As foretold in the prophecy! And following in the proud tradition of #1, #15 and #31 I am hosting the 44th Down Under Feminists Carnival at Hoyden.

How to submit: I’m told the submissions form is broken, sadly. You can do one of two things:

  • You can submit your posts to bookmarking sites Pinboard or Delicious tagged “dufc”. I have a script I use to suck bookmarks out of these for the Geek Feminism linkspams. If you already use these sites, this is my preferred method since the script makes for an easy copy and paste. (If you’re a heavy user of a bookmarking site that isn’t one of those two, drop me a comment here and I’ll let you know if I can pull your bookmarks in too.)
  • You can email submissions to mary-carnival [at] puzzling [dot] org.

Submissions must be of posts of feminist interest by writers from Australia and New Zealand that were published in December. Submissions are due on 2 January at the latest, but the earlier the better!

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