Blogging reflexes shot

I didn’t grab my camera to take a photo of the zomgwtfbbq stonking huge huntsman spider that was doing a Gandalf-on-the-bridge act in my dishwasher last night. I let it keep the dinner plate, and this morning I have no idea where it’s gone.

Thankfully, the internet provides reasonable shots for comparison. It was bigger than this one:

a very small spider sitting on an outstretched human hand

It was smaller than this one:

Giant Robot Spider

It was less cute and tasty than these ones:

tasty Halloween spider-shaped treats

It was definitely a spider, and not a purry pussy cat.

a fully loaded dishwasher of clean things is open with the door horizontal - a grey tabby kitty is crouched on the door
(Philosopher Queen has a photoset of her cats loving her dishwasher)

And how frigging awesome are these socks?

red socks with a black pattern that looks like spiderman's costume

So, apologies for neglecting to grab the camera.

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  1. AHAHAHAHA best post idea ever. I vote for more along these lines in future.

  2. I think I can do the cat appreciating the dishwasher one. Or perhaps appreciating toes, with her teeth. Particularly, for some reason, my son’s toes. Unfortunately he does not share Seffy 2’s delight at sinking her teeth into his tender toes.

  3. I agree, more fun posts like this lighten things up and make me feel more love for you! ❤
    What you describe is what my family refers to as a ‘ridin’ spider’, or else, ‘Jamie’s in trouble, someone go save her!’.
    There is nothing in life so humbling as having to have a 6 year old with a shoe come to your rescue. Thankfully she’s 8 now, so it’s less, umm. Well, ok, it’s still pretty humbling. I love my second home here, but oh my dog the bugs!

  4. I laughed, thank you.

  5. Spiders … yuck.
    Not too long ago, I did battle with a black widow spider in my hotel room (in the southeastern US). I don’t know if you’ve got ‘em in Australia, but they’re big, shiny black beasts, they’re hella poisonous (a bite can put you in the hospital for days), and they like to get all cozy in warm, dark places … like under the covers, sharing the bed with you.
    Oh, wait, I see Australia’s got redback spiders, which are in the same group as black widows.

    • A little ol’ redback would have made me much more nervous than the big ol’ huntsman – they’re large, but they’re not terribly aggressive and they’re not at all poisonous (bites would hurt a bit, but you wouldn’t end up in hospital).
      I like having huntsman spiders around the house generally – they eat flies/mosquitoes, which is good. I just respect their personal space when they are asserting it over a dinner plate in my dishwasher.

  6. Any huntsman spiders trying to assert their personal space in my dishwasher is likely to meet one of three cats who will assert their right to eat huntsman spiders or at least play them to death. I don’t mind huntsman spiders, but I can’t do what MyNigel does which is pick them up with his hands and put them outside. Ughghghh.

  7. I am so ill that by the time I logged in to comment on this article, I’d forgotten what I was going to say because I was too busy lamenting the aching of my ears and my all-round feeling of horribleness (flu like horribleness).
    I’m glad I’m not the only one that photographs spiders, though. I’m arachnophobic, but I do like photographing them.

  8. Public Service announcement: discussing the interesting body parts of a dead huntsman your three year old found may lead to nightmares about monsters with pincer-mouths eating their father’s head.
    That gets revisisted for discussion, periodically.
    Those socks are REALLY frigging awesome.

  9. I’ve lived in houses with lots of huntsmans, and houses with lots of cockroaches, but never one with both. The spiders are much better.
    On the other hand, every time I hear that the range of funnelwebs is expanding (or rather, the urban space without them contracting) I want to borrow my cousins’ .410 snake gun and sit with it loaded with pellet cartridges, forever awake, in the middle of a hot bucket of insecticide.

  10. Oh, wait, I see Australia’s got redback spiders, which are in the same group as black widows.

    Yes. Also in the venomous creatures to avoid category, are spiders, snakes, fish, jellyfish, octopii, female dropbears, and male platypii.
    For an instructional video, I recommend you look up the Scared Weird Little Guys with their public service/tourism announcement, “Come to Australia”

  11. Drat. That was me, I should check to see who it will comment as before hitting enter. I blame platypus venom, or rum.

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