Astrolink: old rocks and old skies

It’s too long since I’ve put up a spectaculat starry time lapse video, and I needed some astronomical comforting after cloudy skies meant that I missed the lunar eclipse on Saturday. Via Bad Astronomy, this spectacular effort has pre-Incan petroglyphs in the foreground!

Stéphane Guisard […] has created a beautiful time lapse video of the night sky, shot in the Atacama desert in Chile. The site has petroglyphs — ancient drawings carved into the rock — that Stéphane used as a foreground to the dance going on in the night sky. Watch!

“Hierbas Buenas” Valley Petroglyphs (Night Time Lapse Movie) from Stéphane Guisard on Vimeo.

Night Time Lapse movie taken in Atacama, Chile in the “Hierbas Buenas” Petroglyph site. The movies shows impressive views of several of the remarkable petroglyphs against the moving stars and under the Moonlight.
Images by and (c) Stéphane Guisard,

Music : “Swan Lake”, by Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky, licensed track

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