Otterday! And Open Thread.

Today’s Otterday is hosted by possibly my favourite otters ever: two otters pretending to be meerkats. These wee Scottish otters were snapped and shared by sarniebill1 (Nigel Wedge) on flickr.

Pretend we are meerkats

Please feel free to use this thread to natter about anything your heart desires. Is there anything great happening in your life? Anything you want to get off your chest? Reading a good book (or a bad one)? Anything in the news that you’d like to discuss? What have you created lately? Commiserations, felicitations, temptations, contemplations, speculations?

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  1. When I see a photo like that, I always wonder what’s so interesting out of frame (ie that the otters are looking at) 🙂
    On a different topic, this article about camofleurs in Australia during WWII is interesting.
    I especially liked this comment right at the end:

    ”Camouflage wasn’t palatable to many servicemen because it suggested hiding and effeminate behaviour. The gender politics are really quite fascinating and it continues today,” Elias says.

  2. I guess some blokes really would rather be dead than look girly. Amazing. Maybe those otters are looking at guys wearing mauve. Ahem.
    We spend the morning at the Handmade Markets, where there were many ingenious crafters, not limited to one gender. I think our Christmas shopping may be done. Although it now occurs to me that my mother-in-law’s birthday is on Monday, and we have done nothing about it.

  3. Are they otters gonads in that picture? I’m sorry, the 12 year old boy in me finds this highly amusing.
    *snicker snicker*

  4. I was going to post a comment with a link I thought would be of interest, but it won’t let me, I keep getting 404 page not found. Which isn’t really the best way to tell me “you’re not allowed to post links” if that’s what I’m being told?

  5. Okay, so what do we do now? I’ve tried a few different things, putting the link in with manual html, using the link button (and /link afterwards), and just pasting the link in on a line on its own. Any other suggestions? I’m happy to try troubleshooting if you are.

  6. @Jo – Wondering about what they’re looking at? I think that way otter madness lies.
    Spiders in the tinsel is surely as Australian as it gets, and yet is one of the things I don’t think I’d miss if I ever moved overseas.
    Anyone have any 100% sure-fire guaranteed instant success tips for applying for casual work or sharehouses? Because I have found all the 0% misfire instant failure tips already.


    Some cute doggy pictures and info about dogs on boats!

  8. Sorry, this is the link to the jpg.

  9. Aunty brought me the televised version of Going Postal last night. We recast Ewan McGregor as Moist, Anyone Else at all as Drumknot, someone who has had to read the news of both tragedy and celebration within the space of a minute into a camera as the voice of Mr Pump, we’d swap Ms Cripslock and Spike, and Reacher Gilt for someone larger than life, and the treacherous Horsefry being the only Non white face left us quite vexed. Vetinari was better cast than if it had been Alan Rickman, although I think Alan Rickman as anyone in almost any movie ever would be awesome. “Mr Van Dyke! The Penguins have no trouble dancing with Mr Rickman, so why do you?”. Alan Cummins might have made a lovely Drumknott.
    Yeah, so it was a list of things that could have been done better, and things that suffered from the translation to screen.
    Then we watched Tim Minchin Vs the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, a show filmed at the Nun’s Scrum, and enjoyed it immensely. I do wish he hadn’t tried to compare ginger hair to racism though, it grates on me.
    For those of you who don’t know ‘Str’yn, the Nun’s Scrum is also called the Box of Tissues or the Broken Bggs, and can be found next to the Coat Hangar.

    • @YetAnotherMatt, I am somehow finding the concept of a hangAr for coats rather delightful – for when a wardrobe just isn’t enough!
      @Chally, looking forward to catching up with you and all the rest of the mob! Anticipating the ferry ride over with a great deal of glee, too.

  10. I just had an incredibly circular and ridiculous comment argument on my blog, so I am all ugh and looking forward to blowing off some steam in Manly later.

  11. Took Miss 5 to the hospital at 2.30am with a cracking case of croup. We got home at 5am and I woke up about 3 minutes ago. She is fine, thank the FSM that the hospital at Yass is still there, 5 minutes away instead of in Canberra 45 minutes away. Since I don’t have a tardis I won’t be joining you at Manly. Have a great time, I shall make it one day…

  12. Okay, yep, that seemed to work. I can’t see what’s wrong with the link I want to post. I’m going to try again so other people can see what I’m talking about, but it’s kinda hard when I get the 404 :-).

  13. AoQ – do you mean a link to a comment from a previous post on HaT?

  14. I hope all the Sydney Hoydenizans are having a lovely time. I’m just about done on Christmas shopping, and I’m feeling especially pleased with the last set of stuff I bought – tote bags, knitting needles, crochet hooks, small scissors and measuring tapes. One set for each of my girls. I’ve added balls of wool from my mammoth pile of leftover yarn, and I’m going to spend a bit of time on-line tracking down printable how-to-knit pages, and instructions for very simple scarves. I’ll make luggage tags for each bag, saying “Craft Bag”. My girls are growing up now, but they still like to have something to *do* on Christmas Day. And I really need to get on to teaching them some basic crafts, like knitting and crocheting and sewing. Even if we don’t get started on Christmas Day, sure as anything at some stage over the break we will have a day of grey mizzlely weather, and a bit of handwork will be just the thing to keep them going.
    And they’ll be getting books and clothes and sweets as usual and one or two other things.
    As for my husband… he’s getting the radio controlled helicopter he has wanted even since we got married.

  15. Sorry about the delay – life keeps intruding. I posted the link in an entry over on my dreamwidth, with no complaint.
    Can anyone else try if links to that particular site (the jmcp one) is problematic for them? I can post other links here, but everything I’ve tried involving jmcp falls over.

  16. OK, it just did the exact same thing to me with that link – sent me to the 404 page.

  17. And I can’t post that link when I’m logged in either.

  18. Well, that’s a relief (that someone else can reproduce the problem). Is there anything else I can do at my end? I’m guessing not.

  19. I thought Going Postal was ok. I guess it’s hard to turn those books into film, because without all the wordplay all you’re left with is the story.
    I thought Angua, Sacharrissa, Mr Groat and Stanley were really well-cast, the costumes were pretty and the set was great. My only gripes were that everyone was the wrong age, everything about Mr Pump was annoying, and they needed a better lighting technician for the CGI bits. Oh, and the anti-smoking PSA was a bit unsubtle. And they began with an old lady issuing a death threat and then just left it. What’s the point of that?
    @YAM – the pin shop guy was black, but I’m looking forward to seeing what combination of colours Nobby will be if he’s in the next episode.

  20. @Aqua + tigtog – when I try to open that link, Safari says “problems retrieving the XML data”. That may or may not have anything to do with anything?

  21. TAM: I’m not having that problem (tested in Firefox and Safari – I’m guessing version differences?) but yes, it is possible it’s related.

  22. Fantastically racist article today in local rag The Beast, all about how Sydney beaches aren’t racist at all. This is print media being distributed into every letterbox in the Eastern suburbs, why is someone like this “Dr Peter West”, who appears to have no credentials whatever, being given such a platform?

  23. This kelpie says “down with that sort of thing!”

  24. Elsewhere, I am being a terrible ‘bullying’ moderator to a disruptive arsehat commentor. Oh, the shame of having the temerity to stand up for my readers by not publishing every single snippet of zir’s zombie-vexatious prose!

  25. re TAK and Going Postal – I caught that earlier this year on cable, so didn’t watch it again on Auntie last week. I liked most of it a lot (although why they couldn’t dye Charles-Dance-as-Vetinari’s hair black for the part I do not know – otherwise he was v. well-cast indeed).
    re the old lady and the death threat – sadly, I think a lot of quotable/memorable moments in the novels that Pratchett wraps up properly in his narrativium tend to get glancingly referenced in the adaptations in an attempt to keep the die-hards happy and then forgotten (or it gets cut in editing) in terms of resolution/call-back.

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