On having to feel embarrassed for what you love

Shed a tear for all the 6 year old girls who struggle to be able to love what they love regardless of stupid gender binary stereotypes:

Look, I’m an optimist. I prefer to dwell on the positive rather than the negative. Stories like Katie’s and Bryden’s inspire me, because the next generation [smirk] is expressing themselves in ways I never did at their age. They know what they love, and they want to share those things. That, my friends, is AWESOME.

Now, could we gripe about the judgmental teacher and insensitive classmates? Sure. We could write long articles about bullying, and decry the cruelty of childhood, etc., etc – and certainly those things have their place.


We could drown out the negative with a rushing tidal wave of positive. We could make Bryden our Hero of the Week. We could share her picture with all the other little girls we know. We could tell our friends about her, and remember her example any time we’re tempted to feel embarrassed about the things we love.

And most importantly? We can tell Bryden that her costume wasn’t “weird,” it was amazing.

And then go check out Bryden, the little girl who loves Spock, at EPBOT. The latest is that Leonard Nimoy apparently left a comment in support of Bryden.

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  1. Hurrah for Bryden – she looks so chill-thrilled in that pic. Terrific costume choice (and Mr Spock was always my favourite too).

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