Thursday Internet Tradition: a softer world

Hoydens are aware of all Internet traditions! But we share our hard-won cultural knowledge!

This week, we introduce you to the tradition of a softer world, a web comic running since February 2003. It is always a three panel strip featuring different zooms of a photography by Emily Horne overlaid with text by Joey Comeau, usually sad, nihilistic or desperately hopeful in tone. (It has occasional excursions into horror subplots too.)

The reason we’re featuring a softer world this week is this comic:

Grainy photograph of man in glasses, comic text “Overreaction: Any reaction to something that doesn't affect me”, mouseover text “Have you tried walking it off?”

This is an open a softer world thread.

Please post a link to a FULL webpage, rather than a direct link to an image only – that is, no URLs with .jpg, .png, .gif (etc) on the end. This makes our admin image magic quicker and easier. Just copy and paste what’s in your URL bar, and we’ll go fetch the embed code. **If you post the embed code, it will be automatically stripped out.** Thanks!

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4 replies

  1. a softer world is one of my favourite webcomics, and I like a lot of webcomics. I especially like this one and this one.

  2. Oh, and this one.

  3. TAK: Ah 330, I remember you! You used to grace my walls.

    I also enjoyed the mutual xkcd-asofterworld parodies:

  4. i ❤ a softer world! I’d forgotten about it 😀 thank you for reminding me… and I’m not quite sure when I missed the mutual parodies. *squee*

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