Clarke and Dawe on cynical bread and circuses churnalism

Apropos my rant yesterday about journalism standards, Mr Clarke and Mr Dawe spoke about this sort of thing last week: “A Senior Editor.” Originally aired on ABC TV’s 7.30: 02/02/2012

Also today in poking journos with sticks? Play along on Twitter with #IfThePressGalleryReportedCricket

ObGlossary: churnalism – see

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  1. I am so over this media shit today. Clarke and Dawe nail it, as always. Lenore Taylor tries to defend it, but misses the elephant in the room that constantly reporting on this ignores all the other stuff that really should be reported on. Costings on Nauru for the Coalition based on a Caterer’s Quote? Silence from the Australian and the Terror. Put some pressure on Tony Abbott, find out what he’s really like before you put him in the PM’s shoes. Bit late once he is there and you suddenly find out that you aren’t on the list of ‘People who benefit under an Abbott Government’ don’t you think? Cause just between you and me, the chances of you being there are pretty fucking slim.

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