Sydney Hoydenizen/femmoblog meetup March: planning thread

Goodness it’s been months. Well, a month and a half since Chally’s meetup. Does that deserve a plural “month”?

In any event, I propose a meetup for March. It will likely be south of the harbour this time: does anyone have suggestions for chill pubs or cafes with a decent amount of seating, wheel accessibility, and children permitted to enter? I’d prefer somewhere sheltered or else we just end up needing two entirely separate plans for good weather and bad. Chocolate cafe maybe?

If you’d like to come along, please indicate your preferred date at this Doodle poll. The 3:00PM thing is indicative only: basically, it will be an after lunch type deal.

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  1. IMPORTANT UPDATE: I accidentally chose Fridays and Saturdays for the poll, instead of Saturday and Sunday. Please re-vote, if you’re available Sundays.
    My apologies!

  2. I propose one for Brisbane. Except I don’t actually know any bloggers from Brisbane other than myself and uni friends. Hmm.

  3. Jo, at least one Hoyden front-page poster is also from Brisbane.
    If you decide to start organising a meetup, it’s probably better to move it to a separate post: what I’d suggest is to put up a post on your own blog to discuss date/time/location with interested folks, and let us know. We’ll set up our own posts linking to it. (This is what Chally has done for some of the Sydney meetups.)

  4. Jo, I thought I’d mentioned I’m in Brisvegas. Let me know where you’d be doing the planning and I’ll be sure to add my five cents. (maybe I don’t count as a blogger, it has been a while since I wrote anything, although every so often I think of posting “go look at this discussion at HaT I’m part of”).

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