Weekly Whimsy

An LP tradition which I’m bringing back to Hoyden (may not happen every single week).

This week’s whimsy is brought to you by the Map of the Dead – Zombie Survival Map.
a map of Sydney CBD showing the location of useful shops/hospitals etc
Plug in an address and check out where to find fuel, food, shelter, ammunition, medical attention etc (and see how well the map-makers did with places you know well).

Please share any bits and pieces you have come across recently that have surprised, delighted, intrigued or otherwise positively engaged you.

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  1. As expected, they don’t have a bloody clue about where anything is in Perth.

  2. What Megpie said.

  3. Via Bluemilk! Airplane Lavatory Self portraits in the Flemish style
    “Why is that annoying woman in the toilet again? Is she ill?” Oh LOL

  4. The marvellous Miriam Margolyes reduces Graham Norton, Jimmy Carr and Stanley Tucci to sputtering disbelief

    GN: “I’m nervous of asking you this…”
    MM: “No, please don’t be. Because I will answer!”
    GN: “I know.. That’s what makes me nervous!”

    • Someone noted on Twitter last night that boy-band-du-jour One Direction and Celtic-punk legends The Pogues were both staying in the same Sydney hotel for their appearances here. I find my fantasies about possible interactions therein highly amusing.

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