Just got beeped by driver behind me for giving way to a cyclist

What a git. Really not interested in killing somebody so that you can get to work a few minutes seconds faster, arsehole.

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  1. Few seconds, really.

  2. I got beeped once for stopping to let a woman and child cross on a pedestrian crossing. Amazing.

  3. Yikes! TT, I’m just glad you were the one in front.
    The only rational explanation I can come up with is that, for some people, the irritation->hand-to-horn reflex bypasses the brain completely.

  4. Some people just do not use roads properly. The number of times I’ve almost been run over crossing at the intersection near my house when I have the green light…
    The other day, a fire truck was trying to drive through my university. It had to stop and wait for a couple of students who wandered across the road in front of this emergency vehicle. The siren wasn’t going, but still.
    I guess a lot of people just want to go their way, no matter the consequence.

  5. Git indeed! Stuff like this is why I am in the habit of walking behind cars lined up at traffic light-free, demarcated crossing-free intersections between a side street and a main road. Because I am just not convinced that there aren’t motorists* who will surge forward as I cross.
    Even at zebra crossing-ed main intersections, you still get folks who treat zebra crossings as if they think, “the stripes denote the place my car supposed to cover!”
    *Obviously, 99.99% are safe drivers, but that’s still not 100%.

  6. Because I’ve been a cyclist myself, I give way to cyclists when I’m driving. About half have a surprised expression that makes me think I’m a pretty unusual driver.

  7. My own pet peeve is people who will not indicate when turning left at a roundabout. There’s absolutely nothing to not understand about indicating when turning left! I have been almost hit by cars three times and now have to wait for all cars to be gone (which can take a long time as it is a busy road) before daring to run across because I am worried I will actually be hit next time. It’s very frustrating when people can’t follow simple rules like “let other people know where you are going at a roundabout!”

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