Weekly Whimsy: Ten Thousand Paper planes

In 2011 Ross Coulter and volunteers released ten thousand paper planes in the State Library of Victoria’s Domed Reading Room. The video below shows the preparation of the planes and the room, the coordination of the 180 volunteers and captures the release. The full artwork recording of the planes in flight must be amazing.

“There’s a simple poetry to it that everyone can understand”.

Ten thousand paper planes (Nakamura Lock design; glides easily) slowly and delicately descend through the resonant space of the domed Reading Room at the State Library. Nine cameras record their spiralling descent, including one in the centre which rotates ten times over ten minutes, slowly tilting to reveal the room as each subsequent level releases its paper bounty.

A room “like a big cranium”, lined with “all those books, all that thinking flying around” is filled with different paper activated by visual–spatial imagination, experiment and teamwork. A huge chamber of thinking in flight.

The final credit thanks everybody who helped clean up – this was the aftermath:

The Domed Reading Room at the State Library of Victoria: the floor is covered by thousands of paper planes

Photo Credit | Inspiration Studios

Please share any bits and pieces you have come across recently that have surprised, delighted, intrigued or otherwise positively engaged you.

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  1. This game for a Japanese music video is just lovely. Uses Flash, takes 3 minutes, have a go.

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