Whimsy: teeny-weeny echidnas

For Mary, who I’m sure already knows that “puggle” is a commonly used term for infant echidnas before they grow their spines (I didn’t know that until half an hour ago). There is apparently some controversy over this nomenclature, but I’m gonna go ahead and use it for this post at least.

A close up shot of cupped pale-skinned human hands carefully cradling a small grey baby mammal with a long snout

Brigalow, an orphaned echidna puggle being hand-raised at Western Plains Zoo in 2009

A tiny echidna puggle nuzzles at a sponge full of milk, cradled by a zoo worker's hands

Spongebob, an orphaned puggle found inside its dead mother's pouch and taken to the Australian Reptile Park zoo

An older echidna baby with some spines beginning to appear, cupped in a pair of hands

This one's a bit older, with spines beginning to show

A human hand with open palm has three tiny hedgehog babies resting on it

Beware imitations! These cuties are hedgehogs, not echidnas

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I think this week calls for a bunch of Cute Overload links, if you don’t have anything more unusual to hand.

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  1. Gawd. They’s ridonculous.
    I just slipped into a-cute coma!

  2. I just posted about this on Otterday, but it deserves to live here as well: interactive Google Doodle today for Star Trek’s 46th anniversary!
    They haven’t added it to the Doodles database yet, but it will probably be there in 24 hours, for those who miss it today.

  3. There’s a place that’s made Nyan Cat Icecream:
    They were serious about getting it right:

    We spent a lot of time talking about how the heck we were going to do this, and we decided to downgrade the cat idea and just focus on the fact that it’s just a Pop-Tart with colored speed lines.

  4. Baby hedgehogs already look like dessert – seems a bit risky to keep photographing them with food like that.

  5. Aaand baby hedgehog fits in a spoon!

  6. I’m on cute overload. Baby reptiles and anything in a marsupial/meetkat/otter I’m awash in a sea of cuteness!

    • Cute Overload is a very superior brand of brain bleach, Kirst! If you find something spectacularly squee-licious, do post the page-link here (not just the image URL) and then the mods can do some image-magic to have it appear in your comment.

  7. This is whimsical, provided you don’t mind some gangster in your whimsical:
    (You need to type in the password provided to see the video.)

  8. The very model of an amateur grammarian (With apologies to Gilbert and Sullivan) from The Stroppy Editor, who Minds other people’s language. A lot.

    via mimbles on FB

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