Otterday! And Open Thread.

“He said WHAT?!”… Today’s open thread is hosted by these secret-whispering otters, snapped by Amy Lloyd at the Cotswold Wildlife Park and shared on flickr.

two river otters standing on a stump. One looks like it's whispering in the other otter's ear. The listening otter has a dismayed expression

These Bonus Otters, also by Amy Lloyd, are also begging for a caption contest. Anyone?

three river otters on a stump. The ones on either side are down on all fours, looking intently at something off screen. The middle one is standing up, also looking at whatever's off in the distance; its front paws are extended, with one touching the back of the otter on its left.

Please feel free to use this thread to natter about anything your heart desires. Is there anything great happening in your life? Anything you want to get off your chest? Reading a good book (or a bad one)? Anything in the news that you’d like to discuss? What have you created lately? Commiserations, felicitations, temptations, contemplations, speculations?

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  1. I thought I should introduce myself, since I have been delurking quite a bit lately (with the resolution to delurk more, but we’ll see about that – it turns out an introvert is an introvert, online or IRL).
    So hi – I’m angharad. I am straight, white, cis and female. I was born in the UK, but I live in Adelaide, and have three kids (including one who is neurally atypical – he’s a left-handed redhead too, poor boy, as if he didn’t stick out enough) and one husband. I am a physicist by training but work in mathematical statistics. I am the full-time worker / bringer of bacon in our house, while my husband is a stay at home parent.
    I’m into all the standard geekery, plus historical reenactment, various crafty things, cooking, gardening and yoga. Just lately I have been taking online courses in machine learning and I have also written a book. I have far too many interests, and far too little time 🙂
    Occasionally I complain about this here
    And now I have to go hang the washing out.

  2. *waves to angharad* I have to get my washing in too, thanks for the reminder!

  3. *joins the waving to angharad*

    Beautiful sunny breezy day in Sydney today: went for a walk by Botany Bay and watched the kitesurfers and petted passing pups. Also committed some neatnesses with some new storage bits and pieces. Quite a good day.

  4. It’s laundry day here too, and I’m still fighting the dragging end of a nasty cold that’s halved some class sizes at our local school this week.
    In better news, I am nursing 15 baby chickies! Which is way more than I expected to hatch successfully. Here’s one.

    and another

  5. Cute chicks! (And I actually mean your little chickens).

    Just read and liked this very much (the topic of birth being very close to my heart).

  6. Oh lovely chickies. Bluemilk has chickies too.

  7. I was going to put the clothes on the line this morning, but I it was still all folded up from being moved around during the landscaping. Took 4 adults to unfold it and hoist it again in the end.
    Hi angharad! What period/s do you reenact? My family does Viking and Anglo-Saxon from 800 to 1066 and my husband has fantasies of getting us all kitted out for the 17th century as well. I say fantasy because I don’t like sewing and we have 3 kids. So, why did we take up historical reenactment when sewing is filed under “not fun”? Yeah, beats me. 🙂

  8. Whoop whoop, got out of hospital (unexpected and unexplained cellulitis) on Monday after 6 nights, and I’m finally starting to feel like I’m not on a knife-edge regards readmission either. Damn.
    I haven’t really recovered my appetite yet, but nevertheless, BROWNIES.

    Closeup photograph of brownies, by jeffreyw on Flickr

  9. Mmm, brownies 🙂 Mary, I read your posts about your hospital stay, many *hugs* and my deepest sympathies, it sounded nightmarish. Very glad to hear you’re on the mend.

  10. *waves to all the Hoydens*

    @mimbles. I mostly do 15th century English, although I stray a bit. I love sewing, but I get RSI these days if I do too much handsewing.

  11. ‘Ello everyone. Welcome anghard. I’m an occasional commenter who’s been around for a while.
    Brownies! I love brownies and icecream and whipped cream and chocolate syrup and nuts all together, but I digress. Mary, like Mimbles I’m glad to hear you’re getting better. I hope your hospital stays are better in future.
    Was in urgent care for a few hours over the summer due to an illness that was short-lived. Got the bill back- it was over $2000. US healthcare is ridiculous. Thank god I have insurance (I will probably end up having to pay about $50).
    I got a job on top of school and it’s hard juggling the two. I’ve had to cut down on my fandom/ nerd stuff (I haven’t even watched the new Who episodes yet!). This week has been intense with about three more weeks to follow.
    Going to have to do laundry, but I need to get quarters first./ college problems

  12. Hello all. I have been overseas for a month and just got back yesterday. One of the (limited) pleasures of spending over 24 hours in the air was that I finally watched Brave – several months later than everyone else! I really enjoyed it. I thought it was a strong depiction of the mother-daughter relationship and the constraints of patriarchy in shaping that relationship and female choice. So, her mother taught her how to hold and exercise authority in a context where female power was limited; the daughter pushed the boundaries of acceptable behaviour for princesses. But patriarchy was not overthrown, nor were the life-choices of the princess significantly expanded (she got to choose her prince, but she didn’t get to choose ‘not marriage’ or ‘non-princess’). A moral tale for us all! Plus the Scottish accents were pretty good (unsurprising given the heavily Scottish cast).
    For some weird reason, the Hoyden website has stopped working in my IE browser (I know, I know) and only appears in its mobile version and won’t let me comment. So, I’m having to use Firefox, which I also dislike. Sigh. I now need to seriously think about changing my browser but can’t be bothered doing the homework. Ah, well, something to do when I wake up at 5am again tomorrow.

  13. Hope you feel better soon, Mary! I don’t know what “cellulitis” is but it doesn’t sound very nice!

  14. Just link-dropping from one of my new fave ozblogs, Limited News – some Weekend Long Reads.

  15. I had cellutis earlier this year – it was a skin infection that made my face swell up like a balloon. Hope you are indeed fully recovered, Mary.

  16. Did everyone else know these things exist?
    Get well soon, Mary.

  17. OMG Sunless Nick that is awesome and yet somehow unsurprising that they happen in that place. Never saw one when I was there, but saw a lot of other amazing things.

  18. Have you seen Perth zoo has new baby otters?
    We went to the Oscar’s Law rally on the weekend (in Melbourne) – I’m still feeling sad about the dogs who’d been rescued after nearly ten years in a cage, and the ones who are still in cages 😦

  19. Oooh, snazzy new look!

    • Well only for us admins at the moment, because we’re in maintenance mode until I find out why the core theme update broke everything!

  20. Oh dear, that sounds painful. I could flail around in a useless manner if that would help?

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