Only in Newtown?

a photo of a stencil-art stripey cat on a brick wall in Newtown

A photo I took of some street stencil art a few years ago – this stripey cat is all over Newtown and Enmore and a few examples in surrounding suburbs too.

Mohawk Snake Guy. On a skateboard. Moving too fast for me to get my camera out in time.

I shall have to lurk near one of the Stripey Street Cat stencils and see if I can catch the perfect shot of him against the painted walls, maybe, one of those mythical days when I have loads of free time.

I did manage to get the rest of the family (we were eating out for Sprog the Younger’s birthday lunch) to see that indeed he was wearing a large python looped around his torso and over one shoulder while zooming north on the other side of King Street, and that the Mohawk was sculpted to dizzying heights. Feral sk8er punk seems like quite an ambitious cross-culture style, but he was pulling it off.

At least we were far enough away that we didn’t have to pretend to be Newtown-cool about such a sight. Because it’s the first week of HSC exams and she had three exams scheduled this week (including tomorrow) we hadn’t planned any big birthday celebrations this year, but it is a landmark birthday, so thanks for making Sprog’s 18th extra-memorable, Mohawk Snake Guy!

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  1. That’s brilliant. 🙂 Happy birthday to Sprog the Younger, and best wishes for the exams!

  2. Happy Birthday Sprog the Younger, but geez Mum and Dad couldn’t you have timed it a bit better 😉

  3. Firstly, happy birthday to Sprog the Younger!
    Secondly, and here is the part where I feel super like the fun police, I’m actually really uncomfortable with taking pictures of people without their consent. Even when they’re alternative looking and have a snake wrapped around them. I have enough friends whose appearances are non-mainstream enough that they regularly get people poking cameras at them to know how invasive and unpleasant it can be (and I’ve occasionally had it happen myself when I’m dressed up and out).

    • Li, thanks for the birthday wishes – she had a good day and is getting ready for her exam now.
      Thanks also, sincerely, for the reminder regarding consent for photography, especially in a week where I’ve blogged scathingly about predditors sharing photos online without the subject’s consent. ::facepalm::
      That’s a hugely important point: even though I was just joking about lurking in wait for the perfect shot, I probably would have felt totally OK about taking a shot from across the road if I’d been quick enough with the camera because it’s not meatspace-invasive, but it’s still not actually OK really, especially when I totally would have blogged it if I had it, even though I know that a photographer is meant to get a release from the subject of a photo before publishing that photo. I know that, but I’d forgotten it in the context of a casual street snapshot from a distance.
      It’s hard to get past the acculturated disregard of the necessity for informed consent, isn’t it?

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