Friday Hoyden: Ada Lovelace Day roundup

It was Ada Lovelace Day on Tuesday this week, celebrating women’s achievements in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) fields.  The official website has many links to this year’s stories – excellent weekend reading!

Last year, Mary put together a list of HaT’s previous Friday Hoyden posts featuring women in science and technology etc: Dagmar BerneMahananda DasguptaClaudia AlexanderGrace HopperPeggy Whitson and Pamela MelroyElizabeth BlackburnJane Goodall.

Since last year’s ALD we’ve added Marita Cheng and Emmy Noether to our collection of Hoydens in STEM.

This year Mary has a submissions post up at Geek Feminism calling for crossposts of Ada Lovelace Day 2012 posts, so if you’ve blogged something please go and submit it over there! (and drop a quick link here if you want as well).

Did you go to any Ada Lovelace Day events this year?  Tell us about it if you did.

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  1. I put in a shout out for Sydney Padua’s 2daygoggles and their Ada Lovelace and Babbage cartoons, and the current Ada Lovelace T-shirt!

  2. Tweeted by the meteorologist on the Mars Rover Curiosity team:

    Look at all this girl power! 😀 #MSL #Curiosity
    — Keri Bean (@PlanetaryKeri) October 17, 2012

  3. Wish I’d known about it in advance, but I saw a great Halloween costume today

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