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The blog just rejected two of my comments, sending me to an error page. Since I was logged in at the time, that’s definitely not supposed to happen. It strikes me that it might be happening to some readers as well.

Those posts both had links and moderately complicated formatting tags, so that might be a factor.

I suspect that one of the recent plugin updates is the culprit. If you’ve been having problems leaving a comment recently, please try again on this post. If your comment is again rejected, please send me a message on the contact form or via twitter.

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  1. I tried to comment last night, but got an error page too, but I don’t think I tried to link or tag anything at all.

  2. That’s annoying, Arcadia – but I’m glad this particular comment went through. It may have been a hiccuping server rather than a blog configuration problem, I’m just trying to narrow it down.

  3. Not this week (but then I’ve not tried commenting that much), but maybe last week or a bit before, my comments kept getting an error page, and one particular thread, it just wouldn’t let me comment on at all, despite trying on two different computors for about three days. So I took the karmic hint and moved on…

  4. I haven’t noticed a problem, but in the interests of science. 🙂

  5. I would like a caramel slice as sweet as the belief that first love will last forever, and a coffee as bitter as finding out that it doesn’t.

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