Otterday! And Open Thread.

These cute baby river otters arrived at SeaWorld in San Diego in 2009, which means they are now mature adults. Zooborns reckons they are kissing, I reckon they’re sharing secrets! (probably about silly hairless apes)

two baby river otters crouch on a rock, at the bottom of what appears to be a small slide. The one on the right is stretching its neck so that it looks like it's whispering in the other otter's ear.

two baby river otters on a rock, at the bottom of what appears to be the same small slide as the picture above. An adult otter has joined them, and is looking closely at them.  One of the baby otters appears to be whispering in the adult otter's ear

Image Credit: Zooborns

Please feel free to use this thread to natter about anything your heart desires. Is there anything great happening in your life? Anything you want to get off your chest? Reading a good book (or a bad one)? Anything in the news that you’d like to discuss? What have you created lately? Commiserations, felicitations, temptations, contemplations, speculations?

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  1. Yesterday I was elected as next year’s president for the Classics and Ancient History Society. After someone decided they had a personal issue with me the night before and ran against me just so I wouldn’t be involved, and rallied all his friends. I still managed to win, so I am happy, but also a little hurt. Though I am very much looking forward to next year and all the exciting things I will be getting up to.
    Also, I have made a new, very close friend, and we are in the falling-in-love platonically stage, which is lovely. 😀
    And I am off bright and early to a Brisbane CSG meet. Whoever thought up 8am on a Saturday needs to get a special award…

  2. Congratulations on the win – I love the sound of that society. And boo and yarboosucks to the attempted spoiling campaign – may his armpits be infested with the fleas of a thousand camels and may he step on legos barefoot at least once a day!

  3. Oops, I got so distracted by my invective that I forgot to congratulate you on your new friend/crush/love-interest – hurrah for that too!

  4. Congratulations Jo! Off to read your post now.
    Very sad at Shuffs the Elephant’s tweets yesterday. No one was at fault here. As one zookeeper said, he was just being a baby elephant – he’s only two. Yar boo sucks to stupid News Ltd (Hun) for their byline describing him as a “rogue elephant”. Words and meaning really have no value in this so-called news corporation. My thoughts are with Lucy Melo and her family. No news this mornning so hoping No News Is Good News.

  5. Haha, thanks tigtog and Helen – wonderful invective indeed! The last few weeks have been very up and down – lots of great highs but also a lot of really low periods.Hope everyone else is faring well! It’s a busy time for people, especially university peoples.

  6. There’s only slight updates on Lucy Melo: she’s alive and stable and it sounds like her family are being private about any further medical info.
    I dropped my child for the first time this week! 😦 Luckily he is fine; I’ve twisted my ankle badly and it’s coming up black and blue. His report was “I’m rilly upset WITH MAMA” but after a while I worked out he meant that we were really upset together, which was true.

  7. Mary, you don’t half do yourself some damage! Glad to hear the he’s fine – I hope you’re getting some feet-up time too.

  8. Congrats, Jo!
    I’m sorry Mary, glad The Small is okay, hope the ankle heals quickly.
    I have another temp job for a few weeks, starting Tuesday, and had a good interview for a long term, well paid position last week, should hear about it very soon.
    Also; how cool are circus classes for Smalls (hint:supercool! And fun coz I am a dag)?!

  9. Small person on sleepover. Grownup people having grownup evening. Wheeeeeeeeee!

  10. Congratulations, Jo! Sorry to hear about your ankle, Mary!
    Giles Hardie reviewed “Savages” in a ‘Pick of The Flicks’ video review on The Age website. He called Salma Hayek “Penelope Cruz”.
    *Game show-esque wrong answer buzzer*
    I know it’s a small thing, and IIRC Hayek and Cruz are actually friends (They shared a segment on Punk’d – of all shows – years ago) but…it’s, you know, “The other one!”
    /that last bit was making fun of the error

  11. Is anyone watching the new series of New Tricks? I was chuffed to see Susannah Harker in last night’s episode – remember her as Jane Bennett in the (I mean THE) series of Pride and Prejudice?

  12. @Louise – aah, I spent the whole episode trying to remember who she was. And how many times have I watched P&P!

  13. Congratulations, Jo!
    I went to a conference last weekend to give a talk on the research for my Master’s dissertation, and it went really well, I think.
    I am having another round of “OMG! What shall I do with my life?!” panic. I had reconciled myself to not doing a PhD after not getting funding for this year, but I’m having my doubts now. I’m trying to remind myself that being in a position where I have lots of possibilities is not actually a bad thing.

  14. Coongratulations to everyone who did something good, commiserations to everyone suffering. I have worked most of the weekend (one weekend a year isn’t bad) and can’t brain. Sorry.

  15. @MrRabbit – yeah, it was only seeing her name in the credits at the start that clued me. I don’t often remember actors’ names, more often what I’ve seen them in, but the surname Harker stayed in my mind (Dracula association). The funny part was listening to her during the episode and hearing touches of Jane in her enunciation. Oh how Miss Bennet has fallen! 😀

  16. Just watching a biography of Quentin Crisp on Auntie – it’s a very interesting exploration of a counterculture icon failing to fully grok the progression of the personal-political zeitgeist and then becoming a champion for a new way of viewing the world. Quentin definitely had his problematic moments (many of them!) but he also aimed for an honesty in how he lived his life.
    Which is why it’s particulary annoying that Foxtel has once again stuffed up the synchronising of the closed captioning on its channels. How fucking hard can it be to get that right, FFS?

  17. Anyone want some stress, free to a good home?

  18. That will do. Thank you.

  19. You might need to, it brought its friends this morning. Undecided as to whether burst into tears or start swearing loudly and creatively or perhaps a combination of both. The possibilities are endless right now, as seem to be the sources of stress. Going off to remember that things could be worse now.

  20. I did one of those ‘what career are you cut out for’ quizzes and it came up with ‘stunt performer’ wtf? I think something is broken in their matrix.

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