Quicklink: how to respond when you see some sexism happening

from newswithnipples.com

A friend was talking with colleagues the other day about sexism and discrimination that they’ve witnessed at work. They knew what they were seeing/hearing was wrong, but felt they didn’t have the right words to challenge it. He asked me to put together those words, and TA DA!!! here are some words:

NWN wants suggestions for more responses and more incidents requiring responses in comments – go for it!

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  1. Thanks for the plug! Hopefully we’ll end up with a list for all occasions.

  2. In case of emergency, break glass.

  3. Following my own advice, the Tele says Abbott is at it again, Gillard hasn’t had children, so can’t work out the mini budget.
    True abuse of the Syllogism.

    • Paul, the point of NWN’s post is not suggestions for how to provide commentary from a distance when one sees sexism happening, the point is to respond directly and immediately to the person engaging in sexist behaviour in a way that points out the sexism in a non-nonsense manner. Commentary from a distance on Phony Tony’s continuing dog whistles and gaslighting efforts generally belongs on a Media Circus thread.

  4. Nice list, newswithnipples, concise and direct.
    It’s not a hard list to learn the responses to either, so you can be prepared to snap your answer at a moment’s notice. As long as sexist comments are allowed to go unchallenged, they will be repeated, so you might as well prepare yourselves if you’ve heard them already once in the workplace.

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