Marry, Shag or Cliff? Politics and corruption edition

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Remember the rules: you have to choose one of each of the three candidates to match each fate. No skipping any.

Kelsey Grammer as Tom Kane in Boss

Mayor Tom Kane | Boss

Steve Buscemi in Boardwalk Empire

Enoch ‘Nucky’ Thompson | Boardwalk Empire

Ian Richardson in House of Cards

Francis ‘FU’ Urquhart | House of Cards

So would you knock knees with Nucky? Or topple Tom from a height? You might very well think that an affinity with FU will lead to tying the nuptial knot (I couldn’t possibly comment).

What about this trio?

Lana Parrilla as Regina in Once Upon A Time

Mayor Regina Mills/Evil Queen | Once Upon A Time

Glenn Close in Damages

Patty Hewes | Damages

Jane Fonda in The Newsroom

Leona Lansing | The Newsroom

Lock lips with Leona? Is it time for Regina to meet regicide? Should it be easier for me to find an alliterative term for the option of wedlock with Patty?

What would you do? We’re all agog! Or you could just talk about your favourite television dramas, since this is just a hook to hang some pop culture on.

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  1. Can I just go for a wild passionate and ultimately doomed affair with Cleaver Greene (Rake)? There is obviously a lot of quality drama I need to catch up on. I’ve only watched about half an episode of Once Upon a Time.
    If Cleaver isn’t available may I please have a dishevelled Richard Roxburgh?

  2. What Mindy said. (I suspect there’s quite the queue.)

  3. Propose to Patty? Plan the pre-nup? Pair permanently? I can do quite a bit of marriage alliteration for Patty apparently.
    Haven’t watched the shows, so can’t even comment on Cleaver Greene’s appeal!

    • Aqua, “plan the pre-nup” would have been absolutely perfect! Where the hell was your telepathic message several hours ago, hm? HMMMMMM?

  4. I literally cannot pick one of the first three to throw off a cliff. Maaaaaaaaybe cliff Urquhart, shag Kane marry Nucky, but that still feels wrong in my head.
    And I’ve seen neither Once Upon A Time nor Damages, so I’m going with cliff Lansing, shag Mills, marry Hughes based entirely on my deep and abiding love of Glenn Close and wanting to steal the Evil Queen’s look.

  5. Sorry, the muse turned up while I was preparing lunch.

  6. Clearly I don’t watch enough television. I only have even the vaguest idea about one of those shows, and that’s only because Mr angharad started watching it.
    But I’m somewhere in the Richard Roxburgh queue for sure.

  7. I’m looking forward to the upcoming Redfern Now series – ABC1 8:30pm, Thursday 1 November, 2012 – we rarely see the stories of urban indigenous communities on our screen. It will be interesting to see how the writing talents of Jimmy McGovern translate to the Aussie vernacular.

  8. GOing back to deliciously rumpled Aussie actors, both Guy Pearce and Aaron Pederson scruff up nicely in the Jack Irish adaptions (still available on iview). Marta Dusseldorp is polished and laser-sharp by contrast.
    What work of Aussie fiction could we pressure somebody to cast Roxburgh, Pearce and Pederson in for a rumple-off?

  9. Speaking of Marta Dusseldorp, she stars in a spin-off from Crownies which will screen next year.
    I’m not sure why TV Tonight didn’t mention that amongst character Janet King’s various challenges regarding balancing motherhood and prosecuting is the rather important fact that the coparent of her child is another woman, which she’s professionally in the closet about. It’s pretty bloody crucial to the character.

  10. “Three deliciously rumpled men do stuff for the adoration of their fans”? With guest appearances by William McInnes, Jai Laga’aia, Firass Dirani, David Wenham (as Diver Dan), and Toby Truslove. Plus anyone else I can think of later.

  11. Yes please to more Marta Dusseldorp!

  12. Only if the script allows Toby Truslove to play somebody ruthless for once. I’m sure he’s got it in him, and I’m a bit over the gormless Toby.

  13. Speaking of Crownies moments d’antan, I saw actor Andrea Demetriades at my local mega-cinema earlier this year (in one of those moments where it takes you ages to retrospectively realise why that person looked terribly familiar – I have oodles of them to recount if you’re interested) – I’d love to see her cast in another meaty drama, plz.

  14. OK, I’ve had a few late-lunchtime wines so I’m feeling expansive: remember the gormless guy on Crownies, Richard Stirling played by Hamish Michael? I would absolutely love it if some casting/production peeps had the chops to give us Hamish Michael and Toby Truslove in something which actually extended them both beyond the comic/hapless relief department.
    Also give more of our wonderful Aussie actresses the sort of roles that Toni Colette is getting here – we can’t do much about what Hollywood decides to do, but she’s not the only one who can play some of these parts.

  15. Can we add Ben Mendelsohn to the rumple-a-thon?

  16. That is so weird, tigtog. I went to see the two Tobys (Schmitz and Truslove) in Private Lives at Belvoir last Friday, and kept trying to think of a way I could get Hamish Michael into the mix. Boyish charm; one day, perchance, I will be less of a sucker for it.

  17. @tigtog, those productions have been done in the past, I think with the approach of women playing men rather than the characters as women. However, these days the Beckett estate is so twitchy about anything being done in performance that wasn’t specified by the playwright that they don’t allow it. A planned all-women Godot in the US a few years ago was shut down by the estate while it was still in rehearsal. Directors loathe the Beckett estate.

  18. tigtog, I’d be stoked if _anyone_ did Rosencrantz and Guildernstern. The last time I saw it live was over 40 years ago – South Australian Theatre Company, with a bloke called Jay Bland as Hamlet, and Khalil Juredini as one of R and C. (I don’r reacall who played the other lead part – I didn’t know him, so it made less of an impression.)

  19. @David – are you Sydney accessible? Because the STC is doing it in August 2013 with Toby Schmitz and Tim Minchin.

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