Need a cool craft idea for the holidays? Try a ‘Barbie Weeping Angel

This photo is from the wich-crafting blog by Sarah Franz-Wichlacz. http://wich-crafts.blogspot.com.au

Please note the blog author’s update:

UPDATE: i want to thank everyone visiting here lately! i also would like to make one thing clear: the weeping angel is a copyrighted character and i mean no infringement on the BBC or the creators of dr. who. i hope people do enjoy this tutorial, and make a few for themselves and family and friends. but *please* do not make these to sell. thank you!

Why a regular whimsy thread? Because the internet is full of awesome that isn’t necessarily on-topic in a lot of forums, and also because there are too many times when the awesome gets pushed rudely aside by the belligerent, the obnoxious and worse. People being wrong and awful on the internet often leads to the need for brain-bleach moments where the awesome can be used to flush away the awful, and a place to reliably find the awesome. Please share your favourite links in comments … anything that has recently surprised, delighted, intrigued or otherwise positively engaged you: think of these threads as a brain-bleach repository.

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  1. http://cheezburger.com/6754157568
    Quick, someone alert The Bloggess…

  2. Diana Prince’s Diary
    villains apprehended: 0 (total failure); fights with Batman: 3; drunk texts to Steve Trevor: 4 (v. bad)

  3. Emergency Cute Stuff
    For those moments when you really need to look at a puppy (or something else that’s cute).

  4. LOL!! #AttackGoose RT @linc_lewis: Little bit of a morning giggle :)) pic.twitter.com/pIDFSpJo #fb
    — Coralie / ferrous (@ferrous) November 17, 2012

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