ObMayanApocalypse Thread

FYI: I’m very much over any jokes which overlook the existence of living Mayans today. Just as the fall of the Roman Empire didn’t mean the end of Romans in Italy, the fall of the classical Mayan civilisation didn’t mean the end of Mayans on the Yucatan peninsula.

I do however approve these messages:

E-CARD CAPTION: When you wake up on December 22nd 2012, run outside and scream: "He did it! The Doctor saved us!"

When you wake up on December 22nd 2012, run outside and scream: “He did it! The Doctor saved us!”

A Keep Calm Poster Graphic - the logo is the tardis

Keep Calm The Doctor Will Save Us

Of course The Doctor will save us – how else can we watch this year’s Doctor Who Xmas special? Or go and see The Hobbit on Boxing Day?

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  1. I wince every time this comes on the news. Red-headed boy tends to get anxious about things like the end of the world, and we have been doing a lot of reassuring lately. It didn’t stop him getting up at 11:30pm last night saying he couldn’t sleep because he was worried about the world ending.

  2. We had fun over at Man Boobz today after I said “the world is ending t”. There was speculation about whether I’d been raptured or rescued by the Doctor. 🙂

  3. angharad, I hope red-headed boy is feeling better today! Here’s hoping he ends up with some skeptical innoculation against future media hype/panic now that he’s seen it come to nothing.

  4. My hairdresser told me today a woman cancelled her appointment because the world was ending. For reals. So now we’re wondering if she’ll ring up all embarassed to make a new appointment, or (more likely) be so embarassed she’ll have to find a new hairdresser.

  5. He seems to have gotten over it, Tigtog, and I’m hoping for skeptical innoculation too. I guess now he can go back to fretting about NAPLAN (he’s starting Yr 3 next year)

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