Grumpy Cat does Valentines Day

I love Grumpy Cat. I love Grumpy Cat memes. So in defiance of the commercialisation of Valentines Day because I am a tight arse because I like Grumpy Cat here is an Open Thread to get it all off your chest. Admin magic may be applied if I can remember how, have time, or don’t forget.

Image description: Top panel: Cat looking at sunflowers. Bottom panel: Cat looking away from flowers. Caption: For me? I hate them.

Image description; Cat lying on its side, facing the camera. Caption: Draw me like on of your French girls…if you must.

Post your favourite Valentines Day, or anti-Valentines day (whatever floats your boat) stuff in comments.

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  1. I just presented my guinea pigs with their Valentine’s Day cards. They politely looked at them and waited for me to return them to their veggies.
    I am completely normal.

  2. Firsts for me: I think this is the first time I’ve actually acknowledged that this day exists. I also received my first ever Valentine’s Day card yesterday, and I wrote my first one to someone yesterday as well. 🙂
    Neither of us realised it was the 14th when we were planning, but I am having a picnic with my person/friend today, which will be nice.
    I am already sick of Facebook though.

  3. Jo, I totally mailed you a Valentine on Friday, but I guess it hasn’t gotten there 😦 😦 :(.
    My sweetie and I exchanged valentines a couple of days ago, and today (and obviously via mail on Friday!!) I am giving them to people with whom I do not share romanticness. I am loving the expansion of the kinds of love that can be celebrated, as you and your person embody, Jo.

  4. Aww, thank you Chally! I am loving all the kinds of love as well. 😀 You are silly though, whose Valentine did you think I got in the mail yesterday? As I said, yours was the first one I’ve ever gotten! ❤

  5. A friend introduced me to Manatee Day as an alternative. Happy Manatee day!

    • Clementine Ford was doing Galentine Day as an alternative as well – giving her best gal friends a friendly holler for the day.

  6. I like this picture of grumpy cat holding up an umbrella against all that lovin stuff:

    (Too late Australian time, I do tend to see a lot of holiday stuff the day after, as Europe and the Americas catch up.)

    • Don’t worry about being late for the day in Oz, it’s actually quite nice have a real-time holiday happening one day and then a Rest Of The Net holiday happening the day after. We’re used to it.

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