À chacun son goût

One person’s adorable quirk is the next person’s pet peeve.

I was waaaaay too old before I fully grokked this fact, even though I had basic etiquette down OK I still had some assumptions about “what everybody likes”. This one in particular took me a while:

A pink cartoon horse is hugging a blue cartoon horse.  The pink horse is squeezing tightly and the blue horse is not returning the hug.  The pink horse has happy-closed eyes and a blissful smile while the blue horse has eyes wide open and a nervous-open mouth.

Pinkie Pie hugs Rainbow Dash

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  1. Don’t touch me! Let me go!!!!
    I’m with Rainbow Dash on this one. #notahugger

  2. Only when it is people I know well. Also discovered that I don’t like having food thrown at me #teppanyaki

  3. Hugs is good, I accept them happily but don’t tend to initiate them precisely because I’d rather be hugging someone who wants to be hugged, but I’m an observer only at teppanyaki.

  4. My housemate doesn’t like hugs at all! Which is sad because I love hugs. But I have my own hug person, so I am good! But yeah, things can be so different for people, one of the things I’m really trying to focus on is not hugging people unless I’ve asked them if they want a hug, or if I definitely know that they like hugs. It can be a bit tricky sometimes.

  5. You’ve probably all seen it, but Captain Awkward had a good post on unwanted hugs recently.
    For me with hugs, it’s entirely dependent on who the hugger is. Husband, dear friends, yes; blood family, not so much; strangers not at ALL.
    I hate having anything thrown at me at all. Takes me straight back to Phys Ed and people who’d throw softballs at you in the hope they’d smash your glasses or hurt you.

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