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It’s been that sort of week.

Not a bad week, although I’ve had quite a bit of treading water behind the scenes elsewhere, it hasn’t actually been too awful. Just not a good week. Just one of those weeks where I haven’t had much extra energy for writing etc.

So sorry for the lack of new posts.  Should get some mojo back soon.

How’s your week been so far?


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  1. Long on frustrated outrage, short on people who get it. Hope your week improve.

  2. I have been writing because I have to – writing some notes for a class on planning mediaeval feasts that I am giving on Saturday. And all day at work I have been able to hear the constant noise of the cars at the Clipsal 500. I found them partly annoying and partly kind of nifty – not because I like cars, but just knowing that something exciting is going on gives me a bit of a kick.
    Hope things pick up for you soon tigtog…

  3. I’ve also been writing to the drone of the Clipsal 500 as I had two chapter deadlines due today (for different collections), plus a funding app due next week. But I’ve been entertained by the fact that the Clipsal punters all dress the same as each other, which is particularly amusing as they move around in packs.

  4. I seem to have spent all week getting in and out of the car doing kid-taxiing or mum errands of one kind or another.
    Today was the worst: pick up fruit and veg order, deliver forgotten tennis racquet to eldest child for sport (only one rescue of this nature allowed per year), grocery shop for school lunch and recess supplies (had plenty of everything else), grab some lunch and go back to school because only 15 minutes before it’s time to collect kids from school, home for half an hour, take one to singing lesson, go home for another half hour, take different child back and swap them over at singing, back home to nag about homework, back to collect from singing, go to shops for shoes and tights needed for school musical, buy takeaway for dinner, come home, collapse.
    I’m now doing all my parenting by yelling from the couch.
    Tuesday was good though, the youngest child very conveniently fell in love with the high school that I want to send him to when we went to the open night (most of his friends are probably going elsewhere and he had been very unhappy with me about it).

  5. Also not a bad week, but it can be fairly aptly summarised as follows: I have too much to do and today my computer crashed.

    (yes, backed up, at least to 24 hrs before the crash, and anyway, I suspect the data will be salvageable, so it is annoying and will be expensive and will add to an already full workload, but it is not devastating)

    But there is some fun stuff going on, too, so yeah, not a bad week, just a busy and sometimes annoying one!

  6. Am getting why Marx considered it a form of abuse to deprive someone of meaningful labour.

  7. Orlando, maybe we can switch for a bit? 😉

    I should say: I have a purring kitten on my lap at the moment, and that makes a lot of things much easier to deal with 🙂

  8. We have to move out of our current rental by April 15 (landlords have exercised their 60 days notice option). I have an assignment for uni due the week of April 8. I loathe house-hunting, packing and moving at the best of times. My partner finished his last contract on the 14th of February (the same day we received the notice to quit) and we don’t have the Newstart new claim interview (and thus any chance of proof of a steady income) until March 8th. Oh, and the only rentals which are actually within our income range in the Perth metro area are two bedroom flats (in which we’d drive each other bonkers).
    Nope, nothing stressing me out here… nothing at all. And denial is just a river in Egypt, trust me.

  9. Had a good Monday which turned into a terrible Monday, resulting in my watching 32 episodes of Community over Tuesday and Wednesday while recovering from terribleness, followed by yesterday which was one of the greatest days of my life.
    (One of these days I will recover my blogular energy, too!)

  10. I was having a considerable amount of meh this week, but somehow ended up having an exceptionally good day yesterday and was fired up last night to have a rant about some typical, everyday misogyny that had appeared in my Facebook feed a couple of evenings before: frustrated because no matter what comment I could have made to the group of men, I probably would have been accused of lacking a sense of humour, told to get over it or ignore it, what’s it matter to you, blah blah. (But when this sort of shit is all over the Internet, why should I put up with it in my feed, eh?) Engaging comment-love:

  11. Is there a nice write up of the “you lack a sense of humour” thing? I mean, people with a good sense of style are good at spotting and rejecting bad style, people with good taste are good at rejecting stuff with bad taste, so why are people with a good sense of humour supposedly people who will laugh at any old crap, rather than discerning types who can tell good humour from bad?

    • Good question but I don’t have a good write-up, AotQ.
      Can I just moan about Feministe’s server and its habit of creating rogue giant backups which take us over disk quota? IT’S VERY FUCKING ANNOYING.

  12. That does sound very annoying, tigtog, even if I now have visions of mammoth-like backups roaming the electronic tundra.

  13. My week would have been better if my flamin’ legs weren’t so damn sore. (Long term problem, different length legs, back thrown out by this, aches and pains and blahblahblah.)
    However my osteo and I did discover a great new band name: Pelvic Tilt. We think they should support Spinal Tap.
    Also one of my kitties has discovered her inner Roman goddess (well, rediscovered?) and wants libations every morning, in the form of me turning the tap on and watching her drink.
    I didn’t think she even watched Time Team.

  14. There was a ‘new required reading’ thread on Ian Cromwell’s blog that might fit the bill, Aqua. It linked to a really incisive comment on a blog elsewhere, commenting on the reaction against criticism of MacFarlane/The Onion insulting Quvenzhané Wallis; and in the comments, Natalie teased apart the ridiculous notion that people complaining about this humour ‘don’t get the joke’, and have to have the humour explained to them. Au contraire, they get the joke – and who it’s punching down on – only too well.
    Linky: How a Wound Heals

  15. My sympathies to everyone having a stressful week.
    I’m in the middle of moving at the moment, and urrgh. Moving is horrible. Also, I have a big decision to make, which would possibly result in me moving again and I just don’t have the energy to think about it.

  16. I had a stressful week, we had a bushfire very close to us on Wednesday, to the point where my street was evacuated. Then once that was over there was another large bushfire further up the highway but still close enough to be a concern. Then work stuff, and over all I am over everything this week.

    • TeaKirsten, I hate moving too. Will have to do it sometime soon, and I’m actively avoiding thinking about it as much as I can. Ugh.
      Julie, I am glad the bushfire didn’t do any worse, because evacuation is hellaciously stressful on its own. I hope the season change works for you and against the bushfires shortly.

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